Little Things to Love

Long time no write! I would say long time no read, but that would be a lie, I’ve still been stalking on y’all’s blogs like it’s my job. Regardless, I have been slacking, and I am happy to be back! I figure there is no better way to kick it off than with a show of little things I am loving lately!

Costco. Dan and I made our Costco run on Thursday night and I was kind of out of control excited. I know it’s just paper towels and water bottle like products in our cart, but I still go crazy for it. And of course, the amazing fro yo adds to my enthusiasm. I am hoping some of you love the superstore as much as I do and aren’t just staring at your computer thinking ‘Kate is a weirdo…’

Upcoming Getaways. When the Southwest email arrives in my inbox to tell me about an upcoming trip, I kind of lose my ish. My Bachelorette Weekend is now a couple weeks away, and I am so excited to spend quality time with my sister, soon to be sister-in-law, De, and my best friends!

Farmer’s Market. Dan and I took a trip to the Houston Farmer’s Market yesterday and I loved it! I am all about eating local and talking with the people at each booth. Even in a big city, Farmer’s Markets bring a sense of community. I will admit, it did make me miss my hometown and my Iowa sweet corn.

Sitting Poolside. Yesterday afternoon, we packed the cooler with food and drinks and took advantage of the perfect weather. Dan grilled burgers and veggie burgers, and we spent a couple hours doing nothing but lounging.

Reader Questions – What are you loving this summer? Are you going to be traveling?

Summertime Workout

The 98 degrees and rising temperatures can only mean one thing-summer is right around the corner! In preparation for summertime, aka daisy dukes and mid drifts, kidding, kind of, I have been switching up workouts and trying to incorporate moves for all muscles.

During the week, Dan and I usually workout together and will decide each morning where to focus, alternating between abs, arms, legs, and booty. For our weekend workouts with our friends, I love to do sets that include a little bit of everything. A couple weeks ago, we did a circuit that did not disappoint. It has quickly become part of our routine.

And of course, with a workout in the park comes a brunch to follow! Call me crazy, but a hard workout and a satisfying meal afterwards make for the perfect morning.

Reader Questions: What is your favorite way to work out? Does anyone else love brunch as much as I do?

Fly Away with Me

One of the main reasons that I love reading other blogs is because it allows me the opportunity to see the way others spend their free time, eat, work out, relax, essentially, how they live their daily lives. I love to travel, and in a way, I feel like blogging grants me the opportunity to do a bit of that every day. 


I thought that considering how much I love to see and hear about all the amazing places in this world, it would be fun to share some of my favorite getaway locations with you.


Dan and I do most of our traveling during the summer months. It reminds me of when I was a kid and we would go on family vacations. Of course, being the youngest, I always found myself sandwiched between my brother and sister. Luckily, we now do the majority of our traveling by plane, or I ride in the front seat. My how times have changed.


The last couple summers have included trips to the Midwest and East Coast as that is where the majority of our family and a lot of our friends still reside. Two summers ago, we actually did what we called a cross country tour and headed to New York, Boston, Cape Cod, and Chicago over the course of 10 days.


That trip holds a special place in my heart as it was when I first met Dan’s family and friends, he met my sister and friends, and surprise, told me he loved me while we walked the streets of downtown Chicago. My first time telling him was far less romantic. But I’ll save that story for another day.


Reader Questions: Do you like to travel? What is your dream getaway?

And on a final and unrelated note, thanks for all your encouragement yesterday after my long day. It definitely reminded me of how grateful I am for all of you! Many Xs and Os to you this Valentine’s Day!