Friday Favorites – Build Your Own Pizza Night!

Full disclosure, I completely suck at meal planning and food prep. I scroll through my Instagram feed and have moments of borderline idolatry as I stare longingly at a week’s worth of protein bites, homemade casseroles, fruit salads, and perfectly proportioned snacks. If I can make it to the store on the weekend to buy enough food for lunches for the week, I typically chalk it up as a success. As much as I would love to get my act together enough to go into the week with a refrigerator full of containers with post-it notes of, “Preheat to 350 and bake for an hour,” I am yet to experience the joy of it.
Instead, each afternoon, I sort through the same habitual routine with my inner dialogue of What type of food sounds good? Mexican? No, we’ll have that this weekend. Italian? Maybe. Chinese? Better for a night that I don’t feel like cooking. We could do Sushi.
So today, I am linking up with the lovely Katie and sharing one of my (Friday) Favorite solutions for a dinner that will leave everyone saying, “Please, Sir. I want some more.”
As a vegetarian living amongst a lot of meat eaters, I found that one of the best ways to solve the dinner dilemma is ‘Build Your Own Pizza Night.’ That way, each person can decide exactly which toppings they want right down to the marinara, barbeque, pesto, or Thai sauce.
Reader Question – What is your favorite go to dinner during the week?

Happy Weekend!

TGITW. Thank God It’s The Weekend. When the alarm sounded this morning, I definitely played the ‘What Day Is It?’ game. And then, it dawned on me, Friday. FRIDAY! Even better, in exactly 8 months to the day, I will be marrying my best friend, who just happened to receive an incredible new job offer! I am so proud of him!


Dan and I celebrated his big news by ordering pizza and watching an Iowa Basketball game. We are such party animals.

ImageI am doing a 5k Shamrock Shuffle with one of my best friends tomorrow and I am so excited. I have been doing a lot more walking than running lately, so I am looking forward to seeing how it goes. Really, we are in it for the sexy kilt contest and the free drink voucher anyway. And to have fun of course.

Until then, I will be relaxing, watching movies, a little Lifetime perhaps, and looking forward to a fun filled St. Patty’s Day Weekend.

Reader Questions: What are you looking forward to this weekend? Who else is doing a Shamrock Shuffle or a race?

Little Things to Love

Let me start today’s post by telling you, I am as excited that it is the weekend as I was to find out that Cory and Topanga were reconciling after a brief high school break-up. In case you don’t know how excited that is, just ask the girl who was on the elliptical next to me as I watched this episode of ‘Boy Meets World’ and practically cheered and giggled throughout my entire workout, sorry not sorry.

‘Boy Meets World’ wasn’t the only thing that brought a smile to my face this week. As is usually the case, I found that this week’s ‘little things to love‘ made all the difference in my days.

I loved this picture of Nola. Her expression and pose were absolutely priceless.

ImageI loved an at home date night with Dan. I made homemade pizza and eclair cake. He folded the laundry. We watched two episodes of King of Queens in our sweatpants on the couch. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

ImageI loved every bite of the chocolate, pudding, graham cracker, and cool whip of this dessert.


I loved the Cookie Butter that Brooke recommended. I could rave for days about how glorious this product is, and still, my words would not prepare you for the ways in which it will rock your world.


I loved my Wine Wipes that I won through Becky’s giveaway. It was so fun to receive such a great gift in the mail!


Reader Question: What little things are you loving this week!?