Nola & Kiah

If you’ve spent any time on my blog, you’ve probably noticed that our dogs, Nola and Kiah, are mentioned often. These little babes are our pride and joy. They are our constant companions, backseat passengers, bed hogs, and exercise partners!
Dan and I adopted Nola from a shelter. Technically, he chose her, as I would have brought home 15 dogs that day. Months before adopting her, we had already decided her name during a weekend trip to New Orleans. Being the crazy girl that she is, her name is definitely suiting.
I adopted Kiah during a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Dan agreed over text message pictures that she was the perfect addition to our family! I took my maiden name as my middle name when Dan and I got married. Before that, Kiah was my middle name and we decided to keep it in the family.
If you have any questions about Nola and Kiah, feel free to ask and I am more than happy to answer them!




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