Cookies + Workouts = Passion

While perusing, which is a fun word to say, my blog posts today, I realized that it has been exactly 2 months since I announced my decision to quit my job and go back to school to become a Personal Trainer! My bank account has seen better days, I have to do laundry a lot, dressing up equates to wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I have a full on tennis shoe obsession, and I love it.

Even though I still do not know what I will be doing once I have completed the program, I am so happy that I decided to follow and pursue my passion. I realize in the moments that I am leading my mom through a workout, or watching Dan do squat jumps til the cows come home, that I am doing what I love to do.

Reader Question – If you could choose any job, what would it be? I would love to own a bakery – fitness & sweets definitely go together in my world!

Summertime Workout

The 98 degrees and rising temperatures can only mean one thing-summer is right around the corner! In preparation for summertime, aka daisy dukes and mid drifts, kidding, kind of, I have been switching up workouts and trying to incorporate moves for all muscles.

During the week, Dan and I usually workout together and will decide each morning where to focus, alternating between abs, arms, legs, and booty. For our weekend workouts with our friends, I love to do sets that include a little bit of everything. A couple weeks ago, we did a circuit that did not disappoint. It has quickly become part of our routine.

And of course, with a workout in the park comes a brunch to follow! Call me crazy, but a hard workout and a satisfying meal afterwards make for the perfect morning.

Reader Questions: What is your favorite way to work out? Does anyone else love brunch as much as I do?

That Moment

I love the ‘that amazing/exciting/awkward/ridiculous/awesome moment when’ way of describing a situation. Like this week, when I experienced ‘that awkward moment when someone goes in for the handshake and you go in for the hug.’ I could have told you how I instantly felt absurd, wanted to rewind 5 minutes and play it right, thought about apologizing for the hug, and tried to brush it off, but I feel like ‘that awkward moment when’ line pretty much covers it all. So, here it goes.

That amazing moment when you are so proud of your mom. My mom and the other teachers in training at her yoga studio instructed their first class last weekend. She was amazing and completely in her element. I loved seeing how passionate she was about practicing. It was truly inspiring. I did not fall on my mat or make a scene, and I felt like it was a great workout, so I will consider that one a win-win.
That exciting moment when you decide to do something new. The So Fresh and So Clean Challenge and the Beach Body Challenge are kicking my butt in the best way. I have been incorporating Brooke’s workouts into my morning exercise routine, and I am loving it. I invited my friends to join me for a ‘Workout in the Park’ followed by brunch tomorrow. Deck of cards workout, here we come. Continue reading

I Love a Good Challenge

Two of my favorite blogging ladies, Brooke & Meghan, recently launched healthy living challenges. I have signed up for both the ‘Beach Body Challenge‘ and the ‘So Fresh and So Clean Challenge‘ and let me tell you, I am excited! I love these challenges because…

They encourage me to live a healthy lifestyle. I have found that since starting the ‘So Fresh and So Clean’ challenge on April 1, I have made a conscious effort to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains into my meals and snacks. That isn’t to say that I don’t still enjoy my chocolate chip pumpkin bread or chips and queso, both of which I had this weekend, it is to say that I have found a balance. A balance that makes me feel better all around, and I am digging that.

ImageThey encourage me to make workouts more fun. Yesterday, Dan and I took Nola to my favorite park to hit the trails. It was the perfect way to spend the morning. The weather was beautiful and we had the entire trail to ourselves. We took Nola off her leash for the majority of our walk, and she loved it.

ImageThey encourage me to try new things. My mom is in the process of becoming a yoga instructor. Part of her training program is to lead a yoga class with her classmates. This afternoon, I will be taking her class. Yoga is not part of my usual workout routine, but I am excited to support her and to try something new.ImageThey encourage a supportive community. I spent my entire life playing sports and being part of a team. I love that through these challenges, I know that I am working toward my goal of living a healthy lifestyle alongside others that are doing the same.ImageReader Question: What is your best advice for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle?

Little Things to Love

I have decided that I need a Friday playlist in my life. Complete with as many ‘working for the weekend’ and ‘this Friday night, do it all again’ references as possible. If you ask me, Fridays are reason for celebration. And what better way to celebrate than with this week’s edition of ‘Little Things to Love.’

New Toiletries. Okay, so I know that some people wouldn’t find this quite blog worthy, but I love getting new products to try.


Do You Know Your Bride & Groom Quizzes. My college roommate of 5 years sent Dan and me these books when we got engaged and they are a blast! Each page comes equipped with random questions about your fiancé.


Completed Workouts. Does anyone else feel like 5k sounds so much more impressive than 3 miles? I will happily go the extra .1 to call it a 5k. We had some great workouts this week, and even though we have yet to sign up for a race this spring, maybe summer, I feel like our training is going well.


Safe Haven. Technically this movie doesn’t hit theaters until next week, but close enough. I am so excited! Safe Haven was my favorite of all Nicholas Sparks’ novels and I have been impatiently awaiting its movie screen rendition. I hardly ever get to the theaters, so this really is reason to celebrate.


A Clutch New Clutch. My mom picked up this new clutch for me this week and I adore it.


Reader Questions: What are your little things to love this week? What are you looking forward to this weekend?