To Strive and Accept

Although tired, still in my pajamas, a bit unkept, and without makeup, I am excited to write today’s post. I wish that I had something extra special to share to commemorate the New Year, but instead will do my best to simply drive my 2013 resolution home.

I have been contemplating a New Year’s resolution for weeks. I could probably get to the gym more often. Eating more sensibly would be beneficial. It might be nice to turn off the TV and curl up to a good book. I should volunteer, talk less, listen more, express gratitude, and try new things. The list goes on. And to be completely honest, it becomes somewhat daunting.

Instead of waking up today and overhauling my attitudes, my characteristics, my habits, and essentially my life, I have decided to commit to two, ideally lasting, resolutions.

1. I will strive to be the best version of myself. I will focus on the good and I will make a conscious effort to be patient and embrace others each day.


2. I will accept myself. There will be days that I feel inadequate, incomplete, unworthy, and unfit. On those occasions, I will show myself the same compassion and understanding that I have shown others.


What are your 2013 resolutions?