Treat Yourself Tuesday: Holiday Edition

Today I am linking up with the lovely Becky to participate in my first ever ‘Treat Yourself Tuesday’! And with it being December, I thought it would be fun to highlight the ways I will be treating myself this holiday season! Let me pull up my Pandora Country Christmas station and we’ll get started.

This holiday season, I fully intend to enjoy my favorite Christmas treats, butter, sugar, and all.

On that note, I will also be treating myself to homemade hot cocoa by the Christmas tree. Most likely on the daily. There is something so therapeutic about curling up on the couch and enjoying a hot beverage each evening.

This season, I will take the time to drive and stroll through neighborhoods full of holiday lights. While of course, listening to even more holiday tunes. You can never have too much ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’.

And most importantly, I will spend as much time as I can with the people I love. Whether it be by taking a yoga class or watching Hallmark movies with my mom or having an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party with friends, I will appreciate the season for the opportunity it provides to spend quality time with loved ones.

Tell me, how will you treat yourself this holiday season?!

Summertime Workout

The 98 degrees and rising temperatures can only mean one thing-summer is right around the corner! In preparation for summertime, aka daisy dukes and mid drifts, kidding, kind of, I have been switching up workouts and trying to incorporate moves for all muscles.

During the week, Dan and I usually workout together and will decide each morning where to focus, alternating between abs, arms, legs, and booty. For our weekend workouts with our friends, I love to do sets that include a little bit of everything. A couple weeks ago, we did a circuit that did not disappoint. It has quickly become part of our routine.

And of course, with a workout in the park comes a brunch to follow! Call me crazy, but a hard workout and a satisfying meal afterwards make for the perfect morning.

Reader Questions: What is your favorite way to work out? Does anyone else love brunch as much as I do?

Weekend Out West: BLEND 2013

Disclaimer: My pictures are stolen. I fell into the ‘bad blogger’ category this past weekend, taking only one snapshot when we first arrived at the resort in Park City for BLEND.

ImageLuckily, my trusty sidekicks were equipped with their cameras and they managed to capture the weekend beautifully. Thanks, ladies!

I could go on at novel length about the food-Chobani, Muesli, and Laughing Cow, oh my, the swag, the scones, and cocktail time. I am confident that between all of us who attended, these areas will be covered, so I am going to focus today’s post on my favorite part of the weekend, the hike!
Hiking is one of my all time favorite ways to workout, and Texas isn’t quite known for its mountains, so I absolutely loved the opportunity to spend Saturday hitting the hills. The views were incredible and it was so fun to be in the company of awesome ladies, while fitting in exercise. Bonus points that none of us tripped making our way up or down the trails.
After reading so many blogs, I felt like I already knew the other girls at BLEND. It was an incredible experience to officially ‘meet’ one another in person. Thank you to all who contributed to making it so amazing! XOXO
Reader Question: What was the best part of your weekend?

That Moment

I love the ‘that amazing/exciting/awkward/ridiculous/awesome moment when’ way of describing a situation. Like this week, when I experienced ‘that awkward moment when someone goes in for the handshake and you go in for the hug.’ I could have told you how I instantly felt absurd, wanted to rewind 5 minutes and play it right, thought about apologizing for the hug, and tried to brush it off, but I feel like ‘that awkward moment when’ line pretty much covers it all. So, here it goes.

That amazing moment when you are so proud of your mom. My mom and the other teachers in training at her yoga studio instructed their first class last weekend. She was amazing and completely in her element. I loved seeing how passionate she was about practicing. It was truly inspiring. I did not fall on my mat or make a scene, and I felt like it was a great workout, so I will consider that one a win-win.
That exciting moment when you decide to do something new. The So Fresh and So Clean Challenge and the Beach Body Challenge are kicking my butt in the best way. I have been incorporating Brooke’s workouts into my morning exercise routine, and I am loving it. I invited my friends to join me for a ‘Workout in the Park’ followed by brunch tomorrow. Deck of cards workout, here we come. Continue reading

525,600 Minutes

I am officially celebrating my blogversary today! In typing that, I have a hard time believing that blogversary has yet to make its way into the dictionary. Quarter Century Southern Living has become so much more than I ever intended or imagined it would be. It has become…

A place to connect. I have ‘met’ so many amazing ladies through blogging and I truly feel so blessed and grateful to hear your stories and to learn from you. There are blogs that I read more often than I put on make-up or do my hair. Combined. I care about your lives, I celebrate in your successes, I share your struggles, and I appreciate you for allowing me a look into your life.

My outlet. Blogging has offered me the opportunity to share my story. To write about my family, friends, vacations, engagement, and mid-20s living feels like a privilege.


My inspiration. You all inspire me, to accept myself for who I am, to embrace my imperfections, to appreciate each day, to live in the moment, and to be a better person.

My passion. This is what I love to do. I love to read your posts and I love to write mine. I love to sit on the couch after a long day and to settle in and see what is happening in your life. I love to have something that challenges me and encourages me all at once. I love to blog.Image

Reader Question: Why do you blog?