Lazy, Rainy, and Happy as a Clam

As promised, I did in fact change into my sweats and park it on the couch for the Texas A&M-Oklahoma football game last night. Our good friends Bethany and Chad invited us to watch the game at their place and even offered to make dinner. Jackpot. Chad is an incredible cook, so I made sure that my pants had some major give prior to diving in to homemade salsa, guacamole, queso, and a build-your-own taco bar.

ImageOnce we arrived home, Dan set his alarm and we made a plan to walk Nola before her check-up this morning. Minor setback, it ended up being cold and rainy.

ImageAfter a quick look outside, Dan and Nola were back to bed. I somehow found the motivation to dash to the gym at our complex to get a mini-workout in. 40 minutes on the elliptical and 1 girl crush on Kaley Cuoco later, I was glad I went.

ImageWe hurried to the vet, and lucky for Dan, Nola was willing to help navigate. Everything went well, and they even wrote that “Nola did great for us today,” on her report card. Dan swears that they only wrote that because I was a nervous mess. Regardless, she’s such a babe.

ImageAnd now, onto doing absolutely nothing. I am snuggled up in bed with my caramel cream hot cocoa next to me and have no intentions of moving until my sister and her family arrive this evening. Pizza may be ordered, NFL playoff games will find their way onto our TV, and I will relish in this rainy Saturday. What’s your favorite way to spend a lazy day?