Operation Organization

The day after Christmas, Danny Stevie and I decided to do some major spring winter cleaning. We took out our tree, which by that point in time, had as many pine needles on the floor as it did left on its branches. We vacuumed, dusted, re-organized, and Febreezed.

ImageClearing out the tree made some additional room for our out-of-town visitors and launched us into a bit of a cleaning frenzy. I love the accomplished feeling I have knowing that the dishes are done and the laundry is finished.

ImageWe even had a chance to unpack our new kitchen appliance from my parents, the Keurig! I know we are a little behind on this trend, but we were excited nonetheless. Dan favors the Kahlua coffee, while I am partial to Hot Cocoa. Such an adult, I know.

ImageOur final task of the day was displaying our new chalkboard, which I love. We placed it in our kitchen in hopes of writing our weekly menus and to-dos.

ImageOn a final and unrelated note, I woke up to this sunrise this morning and had to share. As my friend Jolene said, it is such demonstration of God’s perfection. Image