Happy Hours, Birthdays, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, and S’mores

Note to self and to all of you, order one menu item at happy hour, not all of them. Buying all of them, specifically the fried mac & cheese bites, can result in nothing positive. 12+ hours later, my stomach is still mad at me. Setting aside the over-consumption of unhealthy food, Happy Hour was the perfect way to relax and celebrate the weekend.


ย Moving on, it is my sister’s birthday today! I am looking forward to obnoxiously singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her on face time. My sister is 5 years older than me and I have spent the last 26 years admiring her. I am so grateful to have Ali as my built in best friend!


I have been craving banana bread for weeks. Dan was working late on Thursday, and I decided no better way to spend the evening than by making a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread and watching chick flicks with my mom.


And of course, I had to share a picture of one of my favorite special occasion desserts, a chocolate covered s’more. As if the graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow combination isn’t reason enough to love s’mores, they are also a summertime must-have. Just ask the boys in ‘The Sandlot.’



Reader Questions: Are there certain foods that make you think of summertime? What are your plans for the weekend?

32 thoughts on “Happy Hours, Birthdays, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, and S’mores

  1. That smore looks soo good!! I made banana bread today, no chocolate chips though- now kinda wishing I did though (; and you look so pretty in those pics!

  2. S’mores are my favorite dessert ever. I’ll eat them anytime, anywhere. But they are a summer food for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ you had my dream day of eating. I’ve always wanted to try fried Mac and cheese! Especially since Mac is my favorite food ever!

  3. First off, thank you for the shout out, and the feeling is mutual:). And to those I’d you blog-comment followers, Kate’s bday I just around the corner (march 21st). Foods that scream summer: fruit salad, watermelon, Popsicles, lemonade, turkey legs (insert all fair foods here: including fresh pulled taffy, kettle corn, milkshakes so thick you can’t suck them through a straw)

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