In Case You Were Wondering

I have been known to eat a carton of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting. Kudos if you haven’t ever done this. One spoonful into Cinnamon Buns or Milk and Cookies and the ‘only a couple bites’ idea goes out the window. I usually regret my decision afterwards as my body doesn’t entirely love lactose, but you know what they say, you only live once.

ImageI have been acting ridiculous lately, call it hormonal, call it sleep deprived, call it stressed, call it whatever you want, every once in a while, I can admit when I am being crazy. Which I have been, this entire week.

ImageOn that note, sometimes an 8:30 bedtime is necessary. Few things in life make me happier than turning on a  ‘King of Queens’ rerun, snuggling in next to Dan and Nola, and owning my grandma tendencies.
ImageHomemade pizza is reason for excitement. This has made its way into our weekly dinner rotation, and I am not complaining. Its baking time usually allots me the 15 minutes I need to quickly shower and of course, change into my robe and sweatpant power suit.

ImageReader Question: What is your favorite way to relax after a long day?

68 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering

  1. so I am not a fan of ben and jerry’s (I know kill me) but I have bad reactions to dairy yet love frozen yogurt, greek yogurt, you name it diary loaded. such a bad mix. early bedtimes have been happening around here too, a funk this time of year for me is inevitable.

  2. I have DEFINITELY downed a pint of jerry’s by myself more than once. sometimes you just can’t help it! Although I’m more of a Talenti gelato person myself. THey have caramel!!!

  3. Oh yum that flavor looks soo good! My fav way to unwind is definitely to shower. It’s literally the only time/place I can be alone all day!

  4. Oh I’ve never tried the Cinnamon Buns flavor! It’s going on my ice cream list 😉 My favorite way to relax after a long day includes a big pair of sweatpants, a big glass of wine and an early bedtime.

  5. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever made a carton of Ben & Jerry’s last longer than 1 sitting….I don’t think I have. I thought everyone ate it in 1 sitting. No? lol

    And I love curling up in bed with a book at the end of the day. Dave will play on his ipad and I will read and we call it ‘relaxation station.’ We’re dorks.

    Getting excited for Blend!!

    • Haha, yes, I love this! Essentially, you and I could eat our Ben & Jerry’s with Sandra Bullock in ‘Miss Congeniality’ because I am pretty sure that she eats it by the pint 🙂
      Dan and I may have to start going to ‘Relaxation Station’ too, that is a great way of phrasing it!

  6. A glass of wine, a sweet treat, and a good book or one of my TV shows (depending on the night). That’s basically what my night is tonight, so I’m pretty happy 🙂

    • I would definitely agree with each and every one of these! Dan is working late tonight, so I am trying to hold off on having my dessert with him when he gets home, but I could definitely go for a Rice Krispie treat right about now! 🙂

    • It definitely does not stay in our freezer for more than a day or two!

      Homemade pizza is our favorite weeknight dinner. Although, after seeing your post tonight, I am seriously craving quesadillas. The weekend always calls for Mexican food 🙂

  7. The last B&J ice cream I had was Schweddy Balls..back before I became a vegan. MAN was that stuff good!! And you better believe I ate the whole thing! I’ve been hormonal as shit this week, not necessarily crazy..but def off and moody. Embrace the inner grandma!

  8. ohhhh i get so sick from dairy but i will make an exception and deal with the pain just for ben and jerrys ever so often… and the only way to go is to eat the whole carton lol, i easily have and would if it was cinnamon bun!! i been crazy hormonal this week and rarely get like that, lets just say lots of tears for no reason hahaa

  9. I don’t usually buy Ben and Jerry’s because it’s pricey, buuuut I think I could easily put away a cartoon. Chocolate chip cookie dough is my calling :-p

    A glass of wine, a movie/tv show and chocolate. If I need to unwind, that is the best way for me to do it 😀

  10. Wine or beer after (or during) a warm show, followed by an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm or a comedian on tv with Justin and a snuggly angry birds blanket

  11. I go through phases with ice cream – I either love it or hate it. Not sure why. I definitely get home from work and relax with a glass of wine. Probably almost every night.

  12. Yum to that homemade pizza. I also have grandmotherly tendencies during the workweek which involve sweatpants and TV marathons. Hot dates, eh?!

  13. Love ice cream! My favorite is blue bell and luckily it only comes in half gallon and there’s no way I could eat all that in one setting. I love lazy relaxing grandma evenings 🙂

  14. Ben and Jerry are two of my favorite guys! A few years ago, my mom and I went a little over board on Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food.

    An 8:30 bedtime is definitely necessary sometimes! I like to crawl into bed with a good book and fall asleep while reading. One of the reasons I love blogs is because I see how much I relate to others such as with going to bed early sometimes and putting on sweats when I get home!

  15. I’m totally not afraid to admit the crazy either, we all have our moments. My favorite way to unwind includes an enormous pair of sweatpants, a messy bun, my DVR, and snack food (preferably candy and/or ice cream). I’m thinking this will perfectly describe me in another few hours…

  16. After a long day, I love to just chill out with a large bowl of popcorn, New Girl/Sex & the City/Mindy Project/Sabrina the Teenage Witch (love this show still) and some blogging 🙂

  17. Can I just tell you how much I love your posts. You and Danny sound like a couple that Joshua and I would get along great with!!! If only we lived near one another 😦

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