Workout in the Park

What a week. I am not sure I have ever clicked refresh so many times on the CNN homepage. Since Monday I have been almost entirely absent from the blog world. My thoughts were in Boston, as I am sure all of yours were as well. And although writing is typically my therapy, the words didn’t come. I instead opted for going out to dinner with my parents, and spending time with Dan and Nola at home. I appreciated the moments that I so often take for granted. I counted my blessings.

Today I am diving back into the blog with a focus on fitness. Last weekend was my inaugural ‘workout in the park’, where I invited friends to come join me for Brooke’s Deck of Cards Workout.

You can only imagine how cool the 6 of us looked doing burpees and the stars that I exchanged for squats. This workout kicked our butts in the best way. I am meeting my friends this morning for our second ‘workout in the park’ and I have yet to decide what that will be, so I should probably get on that.

Reader Questions: Do you prefer to work out alone or with others? What is your favorite way to work out?