Happy Weekend and Versatile Blogging

Earlier this week, one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Meghan @ After the Ivy League nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. I am especially excited for the nod as it allows me to share 7 random facts about my life. If you follow my blog, you know that it doesn’t really have a theme per say. So this entry is especially suiting.


I am always tardy to the party when it comes to trends. I just got into the whole Twitter craze and I find YouTube videos months after their popularity has passed. Don’t even get me started on my fashion and food faux pas.

I am a homebody by nature, but I love a good weekend getaway. Road trips are my jam. I love getting out of town for a couple days, making new playlists, and hitting up Dairy Queen along the way. Not to mention that sweatpants are totally acceptable road trip attire.

ImageI believe in funny girls. To people who say girls can’t be funny, tsk tsk. My friends are a riot. Not to mention, Pitch Perfect is ah-mazing.

Friends, family, chocolate wine, puppies, and reality TV can make any bad day better.

Paninis are off the hook. That’s right, I just said off the hook. A good Panini coupled with tomato soup always hits the spot.

ImageFriday night is my favorite place to be. So, it’s not really a place. Maybe I should say that it’s my favorite state of mind. Either way, I love Friday nights.

I believe that the little things in life truly are the most important. Pedicures with my mom, seeing a new picture of my nephews, campfire s’mores, beach days, and game nights make life so meaningful.


Your turn! My blogroll is out of control and I would love to hear all your random facts, starting with today’s reader question!

Reader Question: Do you love weekend getaways? Where is your favorite place to travel?