Friday Favorites – Little Things to Love

Happy Friday! I’m joining Katie’s Friday party again today to share my favorite things from the week.

These Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies that I made last night seem like a good place to start. My love affair with Nutella began in high school and I’ve finally learned ways to incorporate it into recipes in addition to eating it out of the jar. Long recipe short – Preheat oven to 375 – 1 stick butter + 2 eggs + 3/4 c brown sugar + 3/4 c granulated sugar + 1/2 c Nutella + 2 1/4 c flour + 2 t baking soda + capful of vanilla + lots of chocolate chips – 10 minutes!

And to even the nutritional playing field, smoothies are also in my roundup of favorites this week!

If I am making smoothies for myself, I will usually add a banana. If Dan is joining me, we stick to raspberries only. He’s been in a war against bananas since he was 4 years old, so we’re still finding ways to deal with that in our marriage. 🙂

I am so grateful for the spring weather that showed up this week and have been loving having training sessions outside. The more space for squat jumps, stairs, lunges, planks, and sprints, the better!

And before signing off, I also wanted to share my favorite meditation from Melody Beattie’s ‘Journey to the Heart’ this week.

“Each emotion, attitude, and experience – each piece of scenery – leads into the next. Put them all together and what do you have? A grand journey – an exciting trip that leads to someplace worth going and someplace worth being, each moment you are here.”

Reader Question – What little things are you loving this week?!