Dinner and a Rerun

Last night, Dan and I did what any hip (did I really just say hip?) and young couple would do. We headed home, changed into our sweats, took the dogs for a walk, and settled in for a night of dinner and reruns. By the time Friday afternoon rolls around, a little R&R always sounds appealing. If I’m being honest, even showering can seem to require too much effort, hence my decision to skip the shower after our walk.

What did make our at home date night more exciting was the fact that it was ‘National Margarita Day.’ I’m not one to ever pass up a margarita, especially on its day of observation. We decided to celebrate by making fajitas, rice, beans, guacamole, and queso, paired with margaritas and a splash of grenadine.

ImageFirst things first, we prepared the margaritas and queso.


I eventually got around to making the fajitas as well. Although with cheese dip and a rita in hand, nothing else seemed quite so pressing.


And, what is dinner without dessert? I made a pan of oatmeal chocolate chip bars, bolding the oatmeal of course in an effort to demonstrate that our meal was somewhat healthy.


We considered renting a movie, but who am I kidding? There is no way I was going to make it through 2 hours of anything without falling asleep on the couch. We opted instead for a couple episodes of ‘House Hunters‘ and whatever else Dan turned to as I began snoring slumbered.

Reader Questions: How did you spend your Friday evening? What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?