In Case You Were Wondering

I have been known to eat a carton of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting. Kudos if you haven’t ever done this. One spoonful into Cinnamon Buns or Milk and Cookies and the ‘only a couple bites’ idea goes out the window. I usually regret my decision afterwards as my body doesn’t entirely love lactose, but you know what they say, you only live once.

ImageI have been acting ridiculous lately, call it hormonal, call it sleep deprived, call it stressed, call it whatever you want, every once in a while, I can admit when I am being crazy. Which I have been, this entire week.

ImageOn that note, sometimes an 8:30 bedtime is necessary. Few things in life make me happier than turning on a  ‘King of Queens’ rerun, snuggling in next to Dan and Nola, and owning my grandma tendencies.
ImageHomemade pizza is reason for excitement. This has made its way into our weekly dinner rotation, and I am not complaining. Its baking time usually allots me the 15 minutes I need to quickly shower and of course, change into my robe and sweatpant power suit.

ImageReader Question: What is your favorite way to relax after a long day?