A Little Bit of Everything

A big thanks to two of my favorite blogging ladies, Mary & Allison, who nominated me for the One Lovely Blog and Liebster Awards! Staying true to the random blogging fashion encouraged by these awards, I figure, no better time than the present for some almost Thursday Thoughts!

1. City vs. Country, Country Wins. Even though I live in a big city, I consider myself to be much more of a ‘country girl.’ I would take a bonfire, s’mores, jeans, and cowboy boots to a little black dress and high heels any day.

Image2. Baking is the Best Way to Unwind. I find baking to be therapeutic. After a long day, I love to head into the kitchen, empty the cupboards, and bake up a storm.

Image3. Rodeo = Amazing. Dan and I had a great time at the Jason Aldean concert this week. Some of our best friends had the seats next to us, and we treated it like a weekend even though it was a work night. I also found out today that we have tickets to see George Strait on Sunday!

Image4. Cereal is Acceptable at Any Time of the Day. Last night, I decided to forgo the typical dinner routine and opted for cereal instead. Honey Crunch n’ Oats, yes please.

Image5. Bring on the Heat. This weekend’s highs are in the 80s and I am so excited!

ImageReader Questions: City or Country? Cold Weather or Hot Weather?