Over Smoothies

First things first, please don’t let this post’s title mislead you. In no way am I over smoothies. Quite the contrary in fact, I am on a big ‘smoothies for breakfast’ kick and figured that since I am currently sipping on one as I type, it could serve as the subject of today’s ‘over coffee’ like post.

Over our smoothies, I would tell you that I am so excited to start a Yoga Teacher Training Program this spring. Yoga has become one of my favorite daily activities. I feel so much stronger both physically and emotionally when I practice regularly and I find that I am much more present in each day. Not to mention, leggings and tanks all day, everyday? Yes, please.

Nola has also recently taken up yoga and favors the pigeon pose. It’s her first move out of bed each morning.

Over smoothies, I would say that it’s a good thing I have all those books up there waiting to be read, because I will be flying to Florida this week to join Dan while he is working. If I’m being honest, I will probably end up reading Glamour on the flight instead. Either way, I have the best of intentions 🙂

And finally, as we finished our smoothies, I would show you my new journal and say how much I love the quote on the cover. My Pinterest mainly consists of inspirational quotes and dessert recipes, so of course the cover would have either a quote or eclair cake on it.

Reader Questions-All time favorite quote, book, workout, place to travel? Share something with me!

6 thoughts on “Over Smoothies

    • Smoothies are the perfect summertime beverage!

      I love what yoga can provide physically in terms of helping with pain and tight muscles. I have a bad back and it has been amazing in terms of dealing with and overcoming a lot of the pain! Not to mention, that I always feel so much better emotionally after class too 🙂

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