Hello, December

After a weekend filled with delicious food, great company, post it note Pictionary, lots of Dunkin Donuts airport Dunkaccino runs, and of course, pulling all the Christmas decorations out of storage, we are back in Houston and happy to park it on the couch this afternoon. While a full 4 day weekend recap would most definitely turn into a novel length post, I did want to share a couple of my favorite scenes from Thanksgiving this year!

We decided to kick start Thursday with a quick run. And by quick, I mean, 2 steps out the door and 1 wind slap in the face, I was ready to jog my booty back inside. De, Connor, Dan and I managed to successfully complete a loop around the neighborhood and that was more than enough outdoor activity to fill my quota for the weekend. Living in Houston has absolutely made me soft. Props to all who brave the cold on the daily.

The majority of our time in New York was spent laughing at our own sophomoric jokes and discussing scholarly topics, ie: YouTube prank videos and favorite TV series. We also spent a great deal of time heating, eating, and reheating all the amazing holiday dishes.

Dan and I arrived back in Texas yesterday afternoon and were delighted to see that Nola was already in the holiday spirit with her Christmas collar on. Of all her wardrobe pieces, her Christmas collar is hands down my favorite.

As long as Nola was in the holiday spirit, we figured we might as well join her. Our place is officially decorated and I am loving the view as I type.

Your turn! What was the best part of your Thanksgiving weekend? Is anyone else as excited to decorate as I am?!

4 thoughts on “Hello, December

  1. I’m pumped to get up some of our holiday decorations but all of our decor is at Kyle’s mom’s house since we have no room to store it! I need to convince him to stop there after work one day this week so I can get some of my favorite decorations out 🙂

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