Virtual Hot Cocoa Date

I absolutely love to read virtual coffee date posts but have to admit that I am more of a hot cocoa kind of girl. So that’s what I will be sipping as I provide this little life update. Feel free to grab your coffee or a cocktail, it is after noon, and let’s chat.

If we were having hot cocoa today, I would tell you that I am officially a married lady! Dan and I said our ‘I Do’s’ on November 15, in case you missed the article in People. We truly had the best weekend of our lives celebrating with family and friends!

If we were having hot cocoa today, I would also tell you that after the wedding, I was happy to travel back home but ugly cry sad to send half my bridesmaids back to their home states of Massachusetts (which I still need auto correct to spell), Illinois, Ohio, and Virginia.

Over our second cup of hot cocoa, because we would obviously be having such a great time, I would tell you that I am so excited for the holidays. We will be kicking off Thanksgiving weekend tomorrow and flying out to New York to celebrate with Dan’s family. De makes the most amazing quiche in the world and I am already planning to pack my most comfortable sweatpants in anticipation of all the delicious food!

At this point, I would most likely be eating marshmallows straight from the bag and telling you that I have waited as long as I can to put the Christmas tree up at our place. The radio in my car is set on the Holiday Station and so is my Pandora. Cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime Holiday movies, here I come.

What is your favorite holiday dish?! Any Thanksgiving traditions?!

16 thoughts on “Virtual Hot Cocoa Date

  1. I love the twist of coffee to hot chocolate 🙂 I totally need to figure out our tree situation – I’ve heard they sell “city” trees that are skinny enough to fit into a tiny apartment. Hopefully I can find one! And I just love that you’re married now – you seem so so happy, I love it! Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels ❤

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