Girl Power

Before heading out the door for class this morning in my tie die leggings and purple running shoes, Dan informed me that I looked like a Spice Girl. I was almost offended, but let’s be honest, 1995 or 2013, who doesn’t love the Spice Girls and at least one if not all of their songs, not to mention that they totally rocked the whole idea of female empowerment.

Aside from their awesome accents and catchy tunes, my favorite part about the Spice Girls (yes, I’m still talking about them) was how they each expressed and embraced their individuality. Maybe it is a bit of a leap to make connections between a 90s pop group and everyday life, but I think there is a huge takeaway to what the Spice Girls represent in being true to themselves while supporting one another.

When I consider the female relationships in my life and look at all the amazing women around me, I am so grateful for the traits and qualities that each of them bring. I am constantly inspired by the hysterical working mom, the sensitive and thoughtful listener, the organized leader, the one who feels at home on a football field, the one who feels at home on a stage, and the one who is always up for a good time.


“What set’s us apart can sometimes feel like a burden. And it’s not. A lot of the time , it’s what makes you great.”― Emma Stone


5 thoughts on “Girl Power

  1. I love(d) the Spice Girls! I even liked their movie 🙂 (and that’s saying something!) Ha! I totally agree with you though. I’m sure when people look at my group of friends, they wonder what brought us all together. There are plenty of differences but when you have even just one thing in common- that can be the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

    Also, I love that quote. We need to empower one another, not tear each other down!!!

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