Weekend Out West: BLEND 2013

Disclaimer: My pictures are stolen. I fell into the ‘bad blogger’ category this past weekend, taking only one snapshot when we first arrived at the resort in Park City for BLEND.

ImageLuckily, my trusty sidekicks were equipped with their cameras and they managed to capture the weekend beautifully. Thanks, ladies!

I could go on at novel length about the food-Chobani, Muesli, and Laughing Cow, oh my, the swag, the scones, and cocktail time. I am confident that between all of us who attended, these areas will be covered, so I am going to focus today’s post on my favorite part of the weekend, the hike!
Hiking is one of my all time favorite ways to workout, and Texas isn’t quite known for its mountains, so I absolutely loved the opportunity to spend Saturday hitting the hills. The views were incredible and it was so fun to be in the company of awesome ladies, while fitting in exercise. Bonus points that none of us tripped making our way up or down the trails.
After reading so many blogs, I felt like I already knew the other girls at BLEND. It was an incredible experience to officially ‘meet’ one another in person. Thank you to all who contributed to making it so amazing! XOXO
Reader Question: What was the best part of your weekend?

25 thoughts on “Weekend Out West: BLEND 2013

  1. I’ve never been to Utah but all the pictures this weekend have made me reconsider that. I’m glad you had such a great time! That hotel looks incredible. I’m loving hiking lately too. I need to find some people here who will go with me.

  2. I honestly had no idea that Utah was so gorgeous. I love hiking, and can’t wait to do tonnes of it this summer. Blend sounds like it was an amazing experience, and I’m still kicking myself for not going. But at least I get to do some vicarious living through recaps 🙂

  3. Awe I’m so sad I missed it! I live 45 min from Park City and was actually in the hotel right next to you guys for a girls weekend! Next year for sure! Also, the hotel you guys stayed in are my SIL’s families hotels, hope you guys liked them! So sad I didn’t get to meet you=(

  4. Glad I’m not the only one kidnapping photos from others! I took a few but just today I realized none of my photos had actual people in them…just mountains. Oops!

    It might have been rainy, but it was still so pretty!

  5. Your weekend looks more exciting… But I got wine and flowers from my lovely husband, and planted a bunch of perennials:)

  6. The best part of my weekend was meeting you! hehe 🙂 I was pretty bad about taking pictures too, I only got pictures of the food and scenery, none with me actually in them! Good thing we are all so generous with the picture sharing!

  7. wait, how did we not meet? I’m from Iowa! :/

    Side note: “Disclaimer: My pictures are stolen. I fell into the ‘bad blogger’ category this past weekend, taking only one snapshot when we first arrived at the resort in Park City for BLEND.” You know what? I think that makes you a good blogger because you spent your time in the moment and recaptured it later, rather than focusing on taking so many photos. I took pretty much zero photos last weekend. 🙂

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