D.J. Tanner and the NFL Draft

After a Thursday night Happy Hour and staying out past our bedtime, I welcomed the idea of a Friday night in. My parents are out of town for the weekend, so Dan and I are dog sitting – hence the reason I am up before the sunrise, saving pens from being chewed and blankets from being torn. They’re lucky they’re so cute.

ImageLast night, I was craving chocolate, surprise, surprise, and something about relaxation and sweatpants seems to call for it. So, I decided to make this cheesecake brownie frozen yogurt concoction.


Dan and I were planning to rent a movie, but instead flipped channels between ‘Full House‘ and the NFL Draft. My favorite childhood show + my favorite sport = win win.

ImageI, of course, lived up to my grandma status and fell asleep on the couch before 10:00 PM. That’s alright though, because now, it’s the weekend and I am all like –

ImageReader Question: What are your plans for the weekend? Good Luck to all you ladies running races this weekend!!

19 thoughts on “D.J. Tanner and the NFL Draft

  1. oh man that dessert cup, delicious. It reminds me of what my sister and I used to do when we were little. every friday night we would make a snack bowl – aka combine different kinds of snack foods and eat it. so amazing, so miss it

  2. OMG, that fro yo concoction looks amazing. 🙂 And here’s to falling asleep at 10 — grandmas, unite! 🙂

    I have almost no plans for the weekend, which is exactly how I like it. The less I have to do, the happier I am. (Gawd, I’m so effing lazy!) 🙂

  3. Nothing wrong with a TV night on the couch – especially if it involves 2 of your favorite things! Hoping the sun comes out so I can spend the rest of the day outside. Tomorrow will probably be a day of relaxation because it’s supposed to rain – totally fine with that. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  4. Ummmm, I’m gonna need that dessert cup please & thank you!! We spent last night in Friday night & it was divine! Not sure what the rest of the weekend holds. Good luck with those doggies!

  5. That dessert looks amazing! I love the saved by the bell pic haha Jessie’s freak out is classic 🙂 and don’t worry about grandma status, I was in bed by that time too!

  6. The draft AND full house? Oh man, that sounds like the perfect evening… oh wait, that dessert you put together is definitely a huge added bonus!!

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