Workout in the Park

What a week. I am not sure I have ever clicked refresh so many times on the CNN homepage. Since Monday I have been almost entirely absent from the blog world. My thoughts were in Boston, as I am sure all of yours were as well. And although writing is typically my therapy, the words didn’t come. I instead opted for going out to dinner with my parents, and spending time with Dan and Nola at home. I appreciated the moments that I so often take for granted. I counted my blessings.

Today I am diving back into the blog with a focus on fitness. Last weekend was my inaugural ‘workout in the park’, where I invited friends to come join me for Brooke’s Deck of Cards Workout.

You can only imagine how cool the 6 of us looked doing burpees and the stars that I exchanged for squats. This workout kicked our butts in the best way. I am meeting my friends this morning for our second ‘workout in the park’ and I have yet to decide what that will be, so I should probably get on that.

Reader Questions: Do you prefer to work out alone or with others? What is your favorite way to work out?

20 thoughts on “Workout in the Park

  1. Back I the day, when I was involved in team sports, I loved working out with others. I feel so far remove from that, and now that when I do work out with others, they’re the junior high kids I coach, I actually prefer working out alone! I will say, others either give you a reason to go harder, or convince you to take a shortcut… Depends on the company. The deck workout is a GREAT idea! I may just start incorporating that into my swimmers’ workouts. Thanks!

  2. Last week was definitely an emotional one. Between what happened in Boston and Texas, the only thing that helped was seeing people come together and offer support and aid to those in need.

    I usually prefer working out alone, but every once in a while it’s nice to have some company too.

  3. I think this past week was really hard for a lot of people, among all the chaos that was going on in Texas and Boston I took a lot of time to evaluate what I am thankful for.

    This workout sounds like so much fun! I usually work out alone and enjoy the time to do my own thing and de-stress but I also love meeting up with my friend Emily and chatting our way through a workout.

  4. sometimes you just need to spend time with the ones you love at a time like this. glad you’re back though. ❤ I would totally do workouts at the park if I had the courage. I feel awkward just working out in front of my family … hence the always staying in my room to do workouts.

  5. It was definitely a tough week, to say the least. It’s nice to hear, though, so many people finding appreciation for their loved ones!
    I prefer to workout with others – I love group fitness classes, but I really only prefer to run with my fiancee or alone.

  6. I’ve done this workout a couple times, always changing up the move though! I do have to confess.. I always X burpees out and replace them w/ something else, Ha Ha

  7. this looks fun, i would def try this with a friend.. prob looks hilarious like you said ! i rather workout alone in the gym but outdoor stuff like walks and bike rides i rather go with someone

  8. Such a fun idea to workout in the park with lots of friends! I like to workout with my boyfriend or alone. Sometimes when I work out with my girlfriends, we just talk the whole time and I don’t get a good workout in. Working out with other people can definitely be a motivator though!

  9. I would totally do a workout in the park with friends. I might feel a little awkward doing squats by myself in the middle of a park, haha! So it would be good to have friends looking equally awkward. 🙂 In China, they have group exercises in every park (and outside most work places) every morning. It was always fun to walk by and see everyone doing their group tai chi together. 🙂

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