I Love a Good Challenge

Two of my favorite blogging ladies, Brooke & Meghan, recently launched healthy living challenges. I have signed up for both the ‘Beach Body Challenge‘ and the ‘So Fresh and So Clean Challenge‘ and let me tell you, I am excited! I love these challenges because…

They encourage me to live a healthy lifestyle. I have found that since starting the ‘So Fresh and So Clean’ challenge on April 1, I have made a conscious effort to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains into my meals and snacks. That isn’t to say that I don’t still enjoy my chocolate chip pumpkin bread or chips and queso, both of which I had this weekend, it is to say that I have found a balance. A balance that makes me feel better all around, and I am digging that.

ImageThey encourage me to make workouts more fun. Yesterday, Dan and I took Nola to my favorite park to hit the trails. It was the perfect way to spend the morning. The weather was beautiful and we had the entire trail to ourselves. We took Nola off her leash for the majority of our walk, and she loved it.

ImageThey encourage me to try new things. My mom is in the process of becoming a yoga instructor. Part of her training program is to lead a yoga class with her classmates. This afternoon, I will be taking her class. Yoga is not part of my usual workout routine, but I am excited to support her and to try something new.ImageThey encourage a supportive community. I spent my entire life playing sports and being part of a team. I love that through these challenges, I know that I am working toward my goal of living a healthy lifestyle alongside others that are doing the same.ImageReader Question: What is your best advice for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle?


26 thoughts on “I Love a Good Challenge

  1. Wow, that’s neat that your mom is becoming a yoga instructor!

    I’d also like to make workouts more fun or family oriented. Hopefully some spring weather will make that possible!

  2. I need to commit to a plan like this for the next few months. I think the support from others is so motivating πŸ™‚ My best advice for a healthy lifestyle is to make little swaps. Almond Milk for milk, 1/3 pasta and 2/3 veggie spaghetti – little changes make a big difference!

  3. I really do think a supportive community is really what helps keep us all on track. It’s so easy to let things slip when no one is holding you accountable and no one is cheering you on. I think what really has helped me most is getting the significant other to join in too πŸ™‚ It makes lifestyle changes not seem so drastic. :p

  4. trying new things is always something I need to push myself to do more often. I get in routines that just stick without ever venturing out. what i am working on for sure. I am so glad you get to do these challenges.

  5. I’m so sad that I forgot to sign up for Meghan’s challenge! I’m a creature of habit and tend to fall into a lot of ruts with my eats and workouts, but thankfully warmer weather is coming, and with that more time outside and more delicious fresh foods!

  6. I’ve been struggling with balance recently but am really trying to allow myself to enjoy things (in moderation!) and still stay active and eat healthy. I can’t wait to read about your mom’s yoga class. How fun that she is studying to become a yogi πŸ™‚

  7. This was SUCH a great post.

    I always have to “make it interesting” with myself if I wanna workout something fierce, and it is almost to the point where I feel like a member of the mafia making myself an offer I can’t refuse. Alas, I just don’t think that I would get out and run otherwise!! These challenges seem like a really good strategy.

    Also, I LOVE the inspirational pics in this post. They are seriously pretty and make me wanna do a fist pump. Must save them all! πŸ™‚

  8. Too cool that your mom is working to become a yoga instructor. Aren’t trail walks/runs with your pup & hubs the best? That is one thing I miss from the states. Joshua and I would go to the trails every weekend.. boo!

  9. I think you’ve got to be flexible with it for it to work long term and be a lifestyle. My bf loves some unhealthy foods and it helps me to find my balance by saying yes to them sometimes but it also helps him balance it with being healthy by what I cook. It’s certainly not always easy but I think setting goals and challenges helps too.

  10. I’m all about balance. I try to jam in lots of fruits and veggies during breakfast and lunch so that I don’t beat myself up if dinner is lacking.

  11. I love this post so much. I’m so excited that my challenge is encouraging you to try new things and make workouts more fun! Nola looks like one happy pup walking those trails too πŸ™‚

  12. I love a fun workout! I think it’s so important to have people who are supportive of your healthy life style, it make things so much easier. I have always been so fortunate to have so many horse friends supportive of me in everything I encounter. I hope your mom will enjoy being a yoga instructor!

  13. those loaves look awesome! i am doing meghans challenge too and am loving it.. it really is making me more and more balanced just from adding little things in each day! glad you found your balance and good luck at yoga! Me and my mom are to immature I would not be able to take her seriously and would laugh the whole time lol

  14. eeeeee … I did yoga for the first time this weekend! do you know anywhere I can get some free lessons … like online? I’ve been wanting to stretch out my back. it’s in so much pain. 😦 but very cool your mum is becoming a yoga instructor!! you are inspiring me to be healthier as well!

  15. Ahhhh!! πŸ™‚ My best friend Bethany and I used to make chocolate chip pumpkin bread all the time back in high school! Total flash back!! πŸ™‚

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