Top 5

Friday be mine. I am so ready for the weekend. I am ready to give the alarm a rest, read a magazine, catch up on my shows, and, if I happen to discover a bottle of wine in our kitchen, well then, maybe I’ll drink it.

This week, Dan and I have been doing a ‘Top 5’ every night. We choose our favorite 5 moments from the entire day and it really helps me to focus on the positive parts of my life instead of the more stressful times that often take precedence. 5 of my top 5 include…

Nola Babe. She is so happy when we come home from work that I can’t help but smile.

Clean Laundry. The folding of the laundry isn’t my favorite, but it feels fantastic to have it done.

Dinner with my dad followed by a Skype session with my sister.

Grown up Easter egg hunts. I will never be too old for chocolate and fun.

Happy Hour. Enough said.

Reader Question: What are you loving this week?


22 thoughts on “Top 5

  1. This 5 things idea is brilliant. I love what you said about the bottle of wine. I’m right there with ya on that one love. I am loving being back in my own bed after a week of house sitting.

  2. I love the neon shirt! I do my top 3 each night – quite a few of them this week revolved around all the good food I ate with my friend in town. TGIF! Happy weekend πŸ™‚

  3. Every time I just think the laundry is done..THERE”S FREAKING MORE!! Why?? I should start recapping my top 5 though- I feel like sometimes all I do is complain about what went wrong during the day!

  4. I love this idea. It definitely makes you think about positive things every single day! I’m loving that I’m leaving work early for an overnight trip with Tyler. I’m also loving my snack drawer because I just restocked it.

  5. I hate laundry, but those few moments when it’s all done and there’s no dirty laundry to do is the greatest moment of my day! I may just find a bottle of wine in my kitche, too, and rescue it!

  6. 1)kisses from Everett. He keeps turning my face so we’re lips on
    2)out of all Chey’s Easter gifts he keeps going back to this alphabet workbook (without prompting). He loves it
    3)getting gifts bought. I don’t know why but I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when I get a gift purchased in advance. Yesterday I got Yankee votive candles for the babysitters who watch/teach the boys while I’m at my church’s parenting class. They’ve got some new great scents on sale for $1!
    4) when my husband calls just to “click in”
    5) Easter candy is now 75% off:) AND Gap is having a 30% off sale (even final markdowns!)

  7. hahah that wine card is so true. Love it! I hate doing laundry and avoid it at all costs until I literally have no clothes left. Usually my workout clothes run out first and thats when i know it’s time to do it lol I still make my mom hide easter eggs for me she thinks I am crazy but I know deep down she loves it πŸ˜‰

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