Late Night Blogging and Pinterest

I should not be allowed to blog late at night. And by ‘late at night’, I mean after 9:30, of course. By this point in the evening, I am at that ‘I am so tired that I think everything is funny’ place. I spent a full half hour on Pinterest reading ecards before finally convincing myself to close the browser. And let me tell you, I loved every minute of it.

I have been skipping my evening showers in favor of blogging lately. So this ecard seemed especially pertinent.

Before moving on, allow me to explain, I do still shower. I have simply been opting to hop in in the morning instead of at night.

And finally, the real reason for this post, is to thank all of you for your thoughtful comments yesterday! I feel so grateful to have such amazing blogging friends!

Is anyone else a bit Pinterest obsessed!?


21 thoughts on “Late Night Blogging and Pinterest

  1. Pinterest can definitely be a huge time sink for me! I find that I go through phases with it though. I’ll completely ignore it for a week or two, and then spend hours browsing until I’m literally feeling nauseous from all the scrolling 😆

  2. Haha I do the same thing with blogging. My showers can wait. My roommate might not agree with me on that one though 😉

  3. I know myself. I’ve got too much of an addictive personality to even begin Pinterest…I had to quit Facebook to get my life back! But it’s tempting. There’s such a great big interesting world out there

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