525,600 Minutes

I am officially celebrating my blogversary today! In typing that, I have a hard time believing that blogversary has yet to make its way into the dictionary. Quarter Century Southern Living has become so much more than I ever intended or imagined it would be. It has become…

A place to connect. I have ‘met’ so many amazing ladies through blogging and I truly feel so blessed and grateful to hear your stories and to learn from you. There are blogs that I read more often than I put on make-up or do my hair. Combined. I care about your lives, I celebrate in your successes, I share your struggles, and I appreciate you for allowing me a look into your life.

My outlet. Blogging has offered me the opportunity to share my story. To write about my family, friends, vacations, engagement, and mid-20s living feels like a privilege.


My inspiration. You all inspire me, to accept myself for who I am, to embrace my imperfections, to appreciate each day, to live in the moment, and to be a better person.

My passion. This is what I love to do. I love to read your posts and I love to write mine. I love to sit on the couch after a long day and to settle in and see what is happening in your life. I love to have something that challenges me and encourages me all at once. I love to blog.Image

Reader Question: Why do you blog?

24 thoughts on “525,600 Minutes

  1. Happy blogiversary! I started mine over the summer because I’d been reading HLBs for a few years and wanted a way to meet other healthy livers and runners since many of my friends are neither. Plus, I like having a way to chronicle my life and stuff. I hope you celebrate with something wonderful 🙂

  2. Happy blogversary!!! I am so happy that you blog for all those reasons. I blog for those reasons too, especially a place to connect, talk with other people that I would not connect with in my normal day to day life. I am so happy that I have found your blog and like you look forward to hearing what you are up to and read your posts!

  3. Happy blogiversary! I think a lot of us blog for the same reasons. It’s just a really great outlet and a way to meet people with similar interests. I am so happy I decided to do it.

  4. Yay for you! And I have loved reading your blog and am very excited to continue too (: It’s crazy how much just in the three short months I’ve been blogging how much ive come to love it

  5. Oh yay! Happy Blogiversary! Here’s to many, many more wonderful years 😀

    I’m glad that you decided to start blogging and that I got to “meet” you because of it! Your posts are always such a pleasure to read and a great reminder to appreciate all of the beautiful things in life. Hope you’re having an awesome day!

  6. Happy Anniversary darling! I am so glad I found your blog a couple months ago. You are amazing, and I love hearing about your life 🙂 Have a great Easter weekend!

  7. Happy Anniversary – I officially have that song in my head! I blog because it’s an outlet for writing, to keep myself accountable for my health and wellness, because, like you, I genuinely want to see how everyone we “meet” here is doing, and because my fiancee got sick of not being able to eat without a picture being snapped – why not put it to good use!

  8. Happy bloggiversary, Kate! (I think I put my own twist on that spelling—oops!) I just recently found you and I’m so glad I did. I have my own one-year anniversary coming up and I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments. Here’s to another year!

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