All-Time Favorite Breakfast

Fact: I am crazy about breakfast. Take me to Whole Foods to peruse the breakfast bar, and we might just be there for an hour, as it sometimes takes me that long to decide what I want. Or I simply opt to get a little bit of everything. I could happily eat breakfast foods every meal of the day. At the grocery store, the cereal aisle is my favorite. Okay, I lied. The baking aisle is my favorite, but cereal is a close second.

One of the 100 reasons why I love the weekend is that I am able to make breakfast. Well, more like brunch by the time I make my way into the kitchen. My all-time favorite breakfast, since kindergarten and going strong, is crepes.


My recipe, aka, my mom’s recipe for the batter, is so easy.Β 

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup oil

And, if I’m being honest, I’m not one to make use of my measuring cups. I usually guess on these ingredients as I pour them into the vitamixΒ to be blended.


Crepes are fun because they can be topped in so many different ways. I make Dan’s with butter and sugar with a spoonful of Nutella on the side. I usually have one like this too, as well as a healthier version, complete with Chobani vanilla yogurt, raspberry jelly, and granola.

Reader Question: What is your all-time favorite breakfast!?

46 thoughts on “All-Time Favorite Breakfast

  1. I’ve heard they’re super tough to make. I’ve only had one once and it had too much chocolate in it so you couldn’t taste the crepe part. I want to try a plain cinnamon and sugar one!

  2. I had a babysitter who used to make crepes and have always loves them! I have never tried them on my own. I currently am loving pancakes and oatmeal

  3. I love breakfast too, I could eat it for any meal! My favorite is either french toast, protein pancakes, or some kind of omelets with fruit…or all of the above at the same time! lol

  4. oh yum!! I’m only having coffee and some quick oatmeal this morning and you’re making me so hungry/jealous!!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever attempted to make crepes, they kind of intimated me. But you made it look easy! My all time favorite breakfast good is good bagel.

  6. My brother was obsessed with France for awhile in high school and made crepes for my family one morning. I was not a fan.. pretty sure that had to do with the way he made them though hahah. I think I’m actually going to try these one of these upcoming weekends – with fresh fruit, they look delicious!

  7. Do you use a special pan to make the crepes or can I just cook them in a skillet? I feel like if I did that, they’d just turn into pancakes haha

  8. Crepes are one of my favorite breakfast foods too! My parents would make them in the mornings and just sprinkle brown sugar inside the crepe. I’d like to try to make them now with more healthy things to go with them. SO good!

  9. Oooh I love crepes! I remember the first time we ever made them – it was while watching Kitchen Nightmares and Gordon Ramsey was going on and on about crepes. Christopher and I decided that we just absolutely had to try them. So we looked up a recipe that night and made them. They were delicious and we were hooked! Yours looks so delicious!

  10. Christmas morning breakfast casserole that my mom makes πŸ™‚ gotta love tradition! I hope you have me over for crepes soon!!

  11. I love crepes for breakfast…especially if there’s chocolate and raspberries involved. Wy have I never been to the Whole Foods breakfast bar!? I need to go immediately.

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