Date Night!

Dan and I did something crazy this week. We went out to dinner on a work night. Okay, so I know that isn’t really all that crazy, but considering the fact that I am usually in my robe by 7:00 PM, or whenever we walk through the front door, it was definitely outside of our normal routine. I have to admit, it was fun to put on make-up, take the time to style my hair, and remind Dan what I look like in something other than yoga pants and a t-shirt.
ImageWe decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. It’s only a couple blocks from our place, and I love the menu. For our appetizer, we shared the tortilla spring rolls, which we had never had before. Mighty tasty! I had pizza as my main course, but was obviously excited enough when dinner arrived that I forgot to take a picture.


It was a beautiful night, so we skipped dessert at the restaurant and opted instead to walk to an ice cream shop down the street.


We split, aka, I had ¾, of cake batter ice cream with gummy bears and snickers. And, it was so good that I have been craving seconds ever since.


Reader Question: What is your favorite fun way to spend a weeknight?

57 thoughts on “Date Night!

  1. Pizza and ice cream sound like a perfect date night 🙂 And all the more special because it was completely out of routine. As much as I love having a comfortable routine to live by, it’s always nice to switch things up every now and again… Makes life so much more interesting.

  2. That ice cream looks ridiculous! I almost want to make an ice cream run tonight 😉 On weeknights, I love putting on sweats, cooking dinner and then relaxing before going to bed super early. Like in bed by 8:30 for my 5:30am wake up calls… Am I old or what?

  3. Sounds like a great date night! My favorite weeknight date is pizza, wine, and a movie. Tonight’s been a pretty good night though, too – no electronics (til now, of course) and making a huge dent in the book I’m reading.

  4. I love date nights with my husband! You guys have to do it during the week more often, it really sets a nice tone for your week! I love a movie + popcorn night all snuggled up on the couch! Happy you guys had a great time + that ice cream looks AMAZING! Love + Shine CourtStar

  5. This is so fun!! I had the same feeling last week for Valentine’s Day– our weekday nights this year have just been going to the gym together, which is great for our health but means J sees me sweaty and gross most of the time we’re together, hahaha. I’m always in jeans or gym clothes but for Valentine’s Day I finally put on a pair of heels and we went out for dinner. It was so much fun getting dolled up and having a nice night out!

  6. I’m usually home and in sweats the second I walk through the door! It’s rare that we go out during the week too, but the perfect date night for me is a quiet night out at a good restaurant. Definitely not club or bar people, if you didn’t figure that already.

  7. fun night. was there a special occasion?
    your ice cream looks yummy. it’s been a while since we’ve gone out for ice cream or froyo. that maybe on our weekend to do list:) i must say, when you said you wanted seconds it reminded me of a time i actually did go back for seconds at a froyo shop. it was so good and i just wanted another bowl. i must have spent at least $10 for froyo! *i was pregnant so i’ll blame that 😉

  8. Gahh ice cream. 😦 Jealz of your Texas weather.

    Mid-week date nights are awesome! Connor and I have done that a lot– it’s great to pretend that it’s a weekend even when it isn’t.

    I’m the same way with yoga pants and t-shirts immediately after coming home. Work clothes are so uncomfortable.

  9. Holy cow, that ice cream looks heavenly. My boyfriend and I are usually big on skipping the dessert at the restaurant in favor of heading somewhere else we love. I think you made a wise choice, Kate!

  10. YUM – pizza and cake batter ice cream – my kind of night. . . our usual weeknight is a lot like your. . . put on comfy clothes pretty much as soon as I walk in the door and hang out at home. dinner and tv watching on the couch after the baby is asleep.

  11. hahaha you had me laughing with your “in my robe by 7” comment. I’m always in my 3 sizes too big sweatpants at 5:30. And that ice cream, omg give! I can’t do hard candies in ice cream or fro-yo though. They get rock solid and I’m too much of a baby to handle it.

  12. My week night routine is a lot like that too. Sweatpants right when I get out of work, basically. Last night, Tyler and I went out to dinner and went to a high school basketball game I had to cover for work. It was actually fun!

  13. Marty and I went out to dinner last night too 🙂 I knew this weekend was going to be packed and (I think I’ve mentioned to you before that) Marty and I are typically exhausted come Friday night so weeknight date nights are a nice change!

    Also, that ice cream looks delicious! YUM!

  14. Doing something different on a weeknight is always fun…especially when it entails California Kitchen Pizza and ice cream! 🙂 When the weather is warmer, I enjoy walking around downtown to window shop! There’s also a food bank near my house that has Tuesday volunteer nights. I like getting over there when I can! Typically though, I like to be in comfy clothes at home!

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