Enjoy Life and Be Happy

Shortly after it was first released, I purchased a copy of the book, ‘The Happiness Project.’ Its title and premise absolutely captivated me. The book offers a look into the author, Gretchen Rubin’s, life and her journey in dedicating a year to her personal happiness project.

ImageI have forever been fascinated by the topic of happiness, so this book was for obvious reasons, right up my alley. Gretchen identifies the importance in defining concrete resolutions rather than general goals. Feeling especially inspired after recently re-reading the book, I decided to commit to my own specific goals.

Keep a Gratitude Journal. On less than perfect days, I think it is so important to still realize all the blessings in life. This will most likely be random and range anywhere from a thoughtful text from a friend to having a Dairy Queen Blizzard. I am all about the little things in life.

Talk to My Sister and Friends At Least Once a Week. My sister and I recently began face-timing. I know, we are so behind the trend.  It reminds me of the line in ‘Father of the Bride,’ “Welcome to the 90s, Mr. Banks.” That being said, seeing her and my nephews puts a smile on my face and makes the distance between us so much more tolerable.

Sign up for a 5k. I found a pet and owner fun run taking place over my birthday weekend next month and I am SO excited. I have yet to tell Nola that we will be registering her for a race, but I am counting on many kisses when I do.

Be Mindful in how I Spend my Money. I often find that I am unaware of my spending, $5 at Starbucks and $15 at Barnes & Noble can go quickly. While I have no intention to stop shopping entirely, I would like to be more mindful of how I spend my money and to make sure that my purchases are meaningful.

Reader Question: Do you have any goals that you are working towards?

40 thoughts on “Enjoy Life and Be Happy

  1. I borrowed this book from the library at the beginning of December, but I definitely need to buy my own copy – it’s one of those books you should be highlighting things and writing notes in the margin.

  2. Hi, Kate! I just stumbled upon your blog while reading Life of Di and I must say, I love it so far! I can relate to your midwestern roots as I was born and raised outside Chicago 🙂

    Anyway, I cannot wait to read The Happiness Project. I’ve been on the waiting list at my local library for a loooong time now. Also, I laughed imagining Martin Short in “Father of the Bride” saying, “Welcome to the ’90s, Mr. Banks.” Still one of the best movies ever.

  3. I love your goals, totally do-able! A gratitude journal is a fantastic idea, I’d be interested in doing something like that, just not sure how good I would be in keeping up with it. And I’m sure Nola will be thrilled about the 5k 🙂

  4. I need to start face timing with my sister – what a good idea. . . a good way for her to see her nephew! And I totally agree that it is all about the little things and remembering those things when you are having a not so good day.

  5. I only read a little bit of the Happiness Project before getting sidetracked by another book, but it’s one that I really want to pick up again because I remember it being absolutely captivating. The only thing is that I need to read it with a highlighted because there are so many good points in there!

  6. I put this book on hold at the library and just found out that my copy is available. I am very excited to read it and see what new things I can learn about myself. I will definitely have to come up with my own list of personal happiness goals :).

  7. Love this! The Happiness Project is on my list of books to read! Gosh, I need to get on top of face-timing! The 5k that you’re registering for sounds really fun! 🙂 I’ve been practicing being more mindful of what I’m spending my money on, it definitely makes a difference! Best of luck with your goals!

  8. Between your review and all the other ones I keep reading, I really need to get myself a copy of this book!!! Love your goals girl… and how sweet of you two sign your little family up for the run 🙂 Sound like so much fun.

  9. I loved the Happiness Project and was so inspired to make changes in my daily habits. For the most part, I’ve kept them up. But I have been slacking in some chores lately, it always feels good to stay on top of things though. I need to make the same goal of being more mindful of my spending too. Sometimes I really don’t know where my money goes :-/

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