Give Me The Simple Life

“I got no money in my pockets. I got a hole in my jeans”

Let’s be real, as a mid-20s something, cash isn’t always quite expendable. That being said, I’m not complaining. Over the last couple years, I’ve realized how content I am to live a modest and happy lifestyle. My friends and I rarely go ‘all out’ and find that some of our favorite times end up being while we are sitting on our couches, playing ‘Loaded Questions,’ eating homemade pizza, and discussing life’s most important topics, like who will win ‘The Bachelor,’ and what we want for dessert.


I’ve also found that there happen to be a fair share of affordable options for days and nights out on the town. As the weather warms, my friends and I love to make trips to the beach. We spend the morning making sandwiches and snacks and filling our coolers with drinks and ice. By the time the afternoon rolls around, you can usually find an intense game of sand volleyball or football taking place.


We also have some really cute and quaint shopping areas around us. I love to spend the day window shopping and gathering gift ideas. I am usually able to find a cute bookstore or café in these shopping strands as well, which completes the entire trip. I’m now craving specialty coffee and an afternoon spent reading my new novel.


Some of our best friends just brought home a new dog, meaning that Nola has a lot of puppy play dates in her future. We have our fair share of bars and restaurants around us that allow dogs. Meaning, I can sip a mojito and play fetch at the same time. Score!

ImageLast but not least, I love arcades and bowling. So, I have the same hobbies as a 15 year old boy. Whatever. Dan and I end up spending way too much money for him to win me a new stuffed animal in the claw machine, but otherwise have found this to be a fun and inexpensive way to spend an evening. Image

Reader Question: What is your favorite inexpensive way to spend the day?

43 thoughts on “Give Me The Simple Life

  1. Even though I have my prima-donna moments, I feel like I live pretty frugally for the most part. I much prefer nights on the couch than anything else and I’m happy with a bowl of froyo for a “big event”. Those are the best moments.

  2. I definitely have to agree that those nights spent at home with good friends, pizza, and a movie are among some of the best. I’m also a huge fan of going out to the park when the weather is nice, or staying in with the girls and pampering ourselves with at home facials and manicures 🙂

  3. I feel like a lot of my friends tend to go all out! It can get pretty pricey! I’m suggesting one of these ideas for the next time we get together. I love, love, love the idea of making pizza and playing games!

    Hosting a healthy food potluck and spending the day at the park are a couple of ways I like to spend the day for not much money.

  4. My favorite inexpensive way to spend the day would be at a bookstore cafe. I could seriously spend HOURS walking among the shelves with a coffee in hand. Gah! I want to do that tomorrow but have to work. Next weekend…. 🙂 PS- I totally agree with you about living ‘simpler’- I really find myself happier living this way than dealing with the pressures of ‘going all out’

  5. I love this! I love sitting around with friends just talking and eating. You know you’ve found good ones when you’re happy with that! I also like cooking at home and watching a rented movie on the couch.

  6. !!! There are places where you can eat and bring your pup along?! That’s brilliant! I wish we had something like that here. And girl, I am with you – these are some great inexpensive ideas for fun! I so wish we lived closer to a beach. I mean, we’re not far away (7 hours), but it’s not really a day trip, haha!

  7. It’s so funny how we go from not caring about how much we spend to being ultra conscious! When I was 22, I would go out almost every night. Now I’m happy with a few glasses of wine and some good TV!

  8. Game nights with homemade pizza and snacks are always so much fun! I have way more fun staying in half the time than I do going out at the bars and spending money. Also love bowling and arcades, Matt was just saying the other day that we need to go bowling soon and I 100% agreed.

  9. i loveee having friends over so much more then going out.. in the summer thats all we do is go to the beach and go to someones house. also all winerys are an hour away so we’ll take a trip out east sometimes and go to a few for say $20 for the day, its the best.. gosh you got me wishing it was hot already ! lol

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