5 Things to Look Forward to This Spring

One of my all-time favorite posts to write was ‘5 Things to Look Forward to This Fall.’ And while I may not have pumpkin spice lattes and football to anticipate this spring, there are still some pretty amazing things on the horizon. I may even need to pause during this entry to make a margarita in the vita-mix, because something about warm weather seems to call for this cool concoction.


5 Things to Look Forward to This Spring

Weekend Getaways. Aside from my trip out to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Blend Retreat, Dan and I are planning to stay relatively local this spring with mini-getaways to Galveston and Lost Pines. One of our Christmas presents was a trip to the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa, but we are holding off on heading out until we can take full advantage of the lazy river.

Hiking. Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of hiking trails. I find that my winter workouts are pretty basic, rotating between the elliptical and running. To get out of the city and to appreciate the beautiful scenery is a spring essential in my mind.


Baseball Season. While football is my #1 sports love, I do love baseball season. There is something so laid back about throwing on a t-shirt and going to a game. I usually walk away with a pretty great farmer tan as well.


Outdoor Dining. Although I am still working on my resolution to become a better cook in our kitchen, I love to go out to eat when the weather is ideal. So many restaurants around us offer outdoor seating. I love sitting on the patio and sipping a cocktail. Not to mention that going out to eat means no dishes!


 Pool Parties. Living in Texas, proximity to some form of water is a must. One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon is by lounging poolside and barbecuing with friends. Phil Vassar’s ‘6-Pack Summer’ seems to sum it all up perfectly.

Reader Question: What are looking forward to this spring?


52 thoughts on “5 Things to Look Forward to This Spring

  1. ooh outdoor dining! it will be our first spring in our new house and I can’t wait to set up our patio– it’ll be outdoor dining while still cooking at home, but you know I’m going to have a big frozen margarita out there!

  2. I love all of your pictures in this post! It’s snowy here, but all of the things you mentioned sound awesome and are making me excited for spring/summer.

    Have a blast at the Blend Retreat! I was hoping to go this year, but my boyfriend graduates from Law School that weekend.

  3. i love those weekend getaways and hope i could get more in this year aswell, def a goal of mine. Baseball season is my #1 sport so i am to excited for words<3 I get so boring in the kitchen in the summer because of all the fruits and veggies I just keep it simple, or go out to eat ofcoarse.

  4. I think I am most looking forward to being able to be outside, walking my dog and sitting on my balcony overlooking the Mississippi with a glass of wine 🙂 *Sigh*

  5. Definitely baseball! I don’t follow any teams too closely, but I love the sport itself. I’m also excited about hiking, my birthday and nicer weather.

  6. Hiking and baseball are two of my absolute favorite springtime activities too…gahhh I can’t wait. This damn snow on the ground is making a pool party seem like a long lost dream haha, I’m hoping summer gets here fast!

  7. This is making me so sad that there’s a foot of snow on the ground right now! I can’t wait until I can get outside for a long hike!

  8. Love the song references in this post!

    I’m looking forward to grilling outside by the pool, beach days and good books. I’m going to let my nerd flag fly high and say that I can’t wait for April and May because that is when some of my favorite authors release their new books.

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