Simple Saturday

My to-do-list yesterday was minimal. And by minimal, I mean non-existent. After a busy and tiring week, I was entirely content to put on my sweatpants and robe power suit and simply relax.

Saturday morning proved to be even more productive than I had intended. I booked my flights for the Blend RetreatHollllaaaa, and managed to complete a 6 mile run with Dan and Nola. Let’s be real, my running speed is more like a fast power walking pace. Regardless, I felt tired in all the best ways.


We had paninis for lunch. Surprise, surprise.


And I decided to bake cookie bars for Dan to bring in to work with him last night.


When Dan headed to his game, I headed to my parent’s house. My mom and I had our weekly date night, complete with a trip to Trader Joe’s and Lifetime movies. Is there anything better


Reader Questions: How did you spend your Saturday? What are your plans for today?

25 thoughts on “Simple Saturday

  1. I’m not a big fan of having big to-do lists on the weekends either – the week is busy enough, so I like going into the weekend without any huge errands looming over my head. Saturday was pretty quiet around these parts. I caught up on some housework, did some grocery shopping, met my mom for coffee, and then caught up with a friend over evening drinks. As for today? Im just making that up as I go along 😀

  2. I wish I could go to the blend retreat. I will when I don’t have to fly somewhere to make it even more expensive. And your paninis look amazing and the cookie bars look even better. I’m pretty much drooling right now. I guess that means I should go make breakfast…

  3. Your date nights with your mom are exactly like mine! Trader Joes and some sort of movie/show the men will shun – or the Bachelor! Sounds like a good weekend.

  4. What a PERFECT way to spend the evening with your mom. Love those kind of nights 🙂

    && um, you deserve the best fiance’ award for baking Dan those yummy bars!

  5. Those cookie bars look AWESOME! Dan’s coworkers are going to be super jealous! There is nothing better than a date night with mom complete with a trip to Trader Joe’s and Lifetime movies. Last Valentine’s Day, my Dad bought me and and mom gift certificates to get massages. We have still yet to go! Can you believe it? We’re finally planning a date to go and I can’t wait!

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