Little Things to Love

I have decided that I need a Friday playlist in my life. Complete with as many ‘working for the weekend’ and ‘this Friday night, do it all again’ references as possible. If you ask me, Fridays are reason for celebration. And what better way to celebrate than with this week’s edition of ‘Little Things to Love.’

New Toiletries. Okay, so I know that some people wouldn’t find this quite blog worthy, but I love getting new products to try.


Do You Know Your Bride & Groom Quizzes. My college roommate of 5 years sent Dan and me these books when we got engaged and they are a blast! Each page comes equipped with random questions about your fiancé.


Completed Workouts. Does anyone else feel like 5k sounds so much more impressive than 3 miles? I will happily go the extra .1 to call it a 5k. We had some great workouts this week, and even though we have yet to sign up for a race this spring, maybe summer, I feel like our training is going well.


Safe Haven. Technically this movie doesn’t hit theaters until next week, but close enough. I am so excited! Safe Haven was my favorite of all Nicholas Sparks’ novels and I have been impatiently awaiting its movie screen rendition. I hardly ever get to the theaters, so this really is reason to celebrate.


A Clutch New Clutch. My mom picked up this new clutch for me this week and I adore it.


Reader Questions: What are your little things to love this week? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

51 thoughts on “Little Things to Love

    I know this is all in caps but it has been driving me CRAZY! He is supposed to have white hair and she is supposed to have brown hair… WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?!

  2. I can’t wait for Safe Haven! I loved it so much as a book and I hope it’s equally as good a movie! I always get so excited when i get new toiletries so I totally think that is blog worthy! 🙂

  3. Yes, Safe Haven! I cannot wait to see that. That book was so fantastic. I think I cried through the whole thing. My heart breaks for her! Julianne is going to do such a great job in that role. Your new clutch is super cute!
    Little things I am loving this week are my foam roller, macaroni and cheese, some good workouts, a free pizza coupon, and The Bachelor. That’s a typical girl list if I ever saw one….haha.
    This weekend I’m looking forward to going to a Red Wings hockey game with Luke 🙂

  4. Wait I really want to see that movie now. I just added it to my ever-growing list of things to watch! And I like getting new shower products too. I totally go by the smell 🙂

  5. 1. I looooove new household products, especially soaps! so many new smells and everything gets so clean! I love it!
    2. That MK clutch is adorable– I’m all about green this year.

  6. Ok I’m so exited now for safe haven. I didn’t read the book but didn’t know if it’d just be so-so but since you said it was your fav book, I’m totalllllllllly dragging my boytoy to it! :)) oh and I’m loving the fact that I finally got my eyes checked and had to get glasses BC I was able to get super cute Juicy glasses. YAY!

    • So, it really is the little things in life, right!? I love having choices for what to use when I shower because it really does depend on my mood!

      I loved the color too, she let me pick between a couple and I honestly don’t have any other purse that color!

  7. I definitely think that new toiletries are blog worthy! I’m a total sucker for anything beauty related so I always love hearing about what other people are loving 🙂 And speaking of love lists and beauty products, Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’ mascara is definitely on mine!

  8. 1. I love buying new products.. especially shampoo & conditioners.
    2. I’ve been counting down the release of Safe Haven for a while now. Cannot for it to be out in theaters over here.
    3. your clutch is adorable!!

  9. I want your clutch, and the shoes your wearing in that picture as well! I also love getting new soups, it’s all about the small things 🙂 I’m going to have to read Safe Haven as everyone commenting sounds like they’re excited about it too!

  10. Happy Friday! 🙂

    A 5k does sound so much more impressive than 3 miles! I’m so excited for Safe Haven and just became more anxious to see it after reading this. Cute clutch!

    One of my little things to love this week was getting to sleep in an hour later. It can make such a difference!

  11. What a great post for Friday. I too am happy it’s Friday! I’m celebrating by being home today for the snowday in the North with my hubby 🙂

    Getting new toiletries is so exciting to me, it’s not even funny. Totally blog worthy 😉

    Happy Friday & weekend!

  12. That clutch is so pretty! Love it.
    Okay, I’m totally embarrassed to admit I’ve never read Safe Haven, looks like I have a new book to pick up before seeing the movie!

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