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Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?-‘What a Girl Wants’

Yes, I just went there. I just quoted the 2003 teen comedy, ‘What a Girl Wants.’ While this movie didn’t go down in history as one of my favorites, aka, it had nothing on ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie,’ I did fall in love with this line. As a mid 20s ‘not a girl, not yet a woman,’ I have had my fair share of moments where I tried to fit in. As a matter of fact, I still have those moments almost daily.


Serendipitously, I have also experienced my fair share of moments that I realize that life isn’t about fitting in; it’s about being you. And in these moments, I find that I am genuinely content. On New Year’s Eve, Dan and I hosted our friends at our place. We played charades and popped champagne all night. At midnight, we decided to head out to our rooftop parking garage to watch fireworks downtown. I decided that I would wear my bathrobe and boots to the occasion. Mind you, it was 75 degrees.


Did my friends make fun of me for this? Absolutely. But, in that same moment, they completely embraced who I am. They laughed with me. Because life is too short to second guess who you are, to always keep up with the trends, to focus on things that don’t truly matter, and to try so hard to fit in. Be you.


Dan obviously had no reservations being himself after the New York Giants Super Bowl win last year. Pure joy at it’s finest.


Reader Question: How do you embrace your individuality?

34 thoughts on “Be You

  1. I love that you aren’t afraid of being you. Too many people are. I’d totally do the same thing with the bathrobe and I’m glad your friends accept you for who you are. Mine make fun of me on a regular basis too but I know it’s out of love.

  2. I love this. Your bathrobe picture is adorable! I’ve gotten to the point where I really just don’t care what people think of me. I want to be happy with myself, and I feel like everything will fall into place once that fully happens. And, um, I may or may not be starting to show the girls I nanny for all my favorite old movies from back in the day. We just watched the Lizzie McGuire movie, and next week I’m bringing some Mary Kate and Ashley movies to their house. They don’t really seem to care, but I’m beyond excited haha

    • Haha, thanks, Allison 🙂 I love that you watched the Lizzie McGuire movie, I honestly still love it and will watch a minute, or an hour, when it is on TV! And I am ALL about MK & A. Full House is and always will be one of my all time favorite shows!!

  3. Love this! I think everyone struggles with wanting to ‘fit it’ sometimes. Having friends who accept and love you for who you are…. There the only kind of friends you need 🙂

  4. I used to be really, really self-conscious and worried about what other people thought of me, but now I actually really love the quirky things about me that make me me. I think that part of it definitely comes with getting older and realizing that the opinions of others don’t really matter – at the end of the day, you have to do what makes you happiest.

  5. Amen to this. It makes me sad that I spent a lot of my high school and college years trying to fit in, i really think it propelled my eating disorder to its worse. now that I have let that go, I feel a lot more content and a lot more confident. this makes me want to meet you even more in person!!

    • I definitely did the same, and I think by the time you realize it, you are usually already so far into that way of thinking. It definitely takes time and energy to refocus your attitude, but once you do, you are so much happier for it. I feel the same way about all your posts too 🙂

  6. Love this post! You know you have good friends when you can wear a bathrobe and they don’t care 😉 I was one who spent high school trying to fit in, but through college I’ve realized being me is far better than being anyone else.

  7. I wear my hair really short for one thing. It is one of the ways I express who I am. When I was a little girl my mom wouldn’t let me cut it Ever. So maybe it is my “bathrobe” statement.
    Love the pure joy on Dan’s face!

  8. Definitely love this post. It can be really hard to be yourself sometimes. I tried really hard to fit in during high school, but once I got toward the end of college, I started to embrace who I am and found people for love me for me. It’s tough to find that, but it’s so beyond worth it.

    • Thanks for saying that you loved the post, it was definitely one of my most vulnerable, so I really appreciate it 🙂 That’s great that you were able to start really embracing yourself in college, I think that even during that time, it can be difficult!

      • It can! Any time I ventured away from my niche, I was super self-conscious. I’m getting better about it. I think something like this is a constant battle until you just stop caring what people think of you, you know?

  9. Love this! i spent years trying to fit in with certain people but i was lucky i always had my close friends to fall back on that took me for me.. i go to the gym with a friend of mine every now and then and she wears her hair all curly and down with nice clothes on and will try to not break of sweat incase she sees anyone meanwhile there mean in a rolled up wrinkly tee shirt from highschool sweating like a beast and not caring. Lifes to short!

  10. This is a great post…sometimes I think this way in the blog world, being a new blogger, you are trying to make new Blog friends, have great posts etc…but then have to remember I do it for fun and I like connecting with people so it doesnt matter how many comments I have etc… Thanks for the reminder on what is really important!

  11. You’re so awesome, Kate! What an encouraging post! I’ve found that in the last 2 years I’ve grown so much more comfortable in my own skin. I think it is just something that comes with age. You realize that being the best version of yourself is so much more rewarding than being an imitation of someone else.

    Loved this post! Cannot wait to spend an entire weekend with you in May! Hooray!

  12. What a great message, this post made me smile! My friends have all learned to accept my weird outfits– somedays I can’t be bothered to do anything more than throw my hair up and get out the door, while other days I want to paint my nails and actually wear heels! It’s all about making yourself happy!

  13. annnnnnd, thank you for this wonderful post and reminder. 🙂

    I feel like I’ve been going through this crazy finding-myself mid 20s phase where I’m finding my confidence in who I am and making no apologies for it. It’s a work in progress, but getting there!!

  14. Great post girl!! Isn’t it great when you can just be YOU & not give a rats a$$ what others may think?? 😉

    p.s. Im not sure who your friend on the end is, but the fact that she is a Penn State fan just makes her awesome, Ha!

  15. I embrace my individuality by trying not to judge myself. I never thought I’d see the day where I could roll something off my back!

    As many noted, I think being yourself definitely comes with age.

    The references that you made to Lizzie McGuire and What a Girl Wants totally made me smile!

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