Poolside Saturday

It’s a good thing that I don’t do a weekly edition of ‘My Riveting Friday Night‘ posts. Because, well, they aren’t. Call me grandma, but I am so tired on Fridays that I often end up asleep on the couch before my normal weeknight “bedtime.”

I fully intended on cooking last night. But then, that would have required a trip to the grocery store, and that just wasn’t happening. Instead, we opted for take-out from our neighborhood Mexican restaurant. Dan and I usually share the chicken fajitas, he has all the meat, and I am happy to share the vegetables queso.

ImageSeeing that our dinner wasn’t the healthiest of meals, I was eager to get in a good workout this morning. We hit our favorite trail for a 5 1/2 mile run/walk interval workout. While out, I decided that 75 degree temperatures merit a little poolside dining. We invited a couple of our best friends and my parents over and the cooler made its debut of the season!


Reader Question: What has been the best part of your weekend?

22 thoughts on “Poolside Saturday

  1. Ughhh, I’m with Alex. Super jealous of your weather. You guys are just adorable together! The best part of my weekend has probably been updating my computer, as ridiculously pathetic as that sounds. Luke helped me do all my updates and delete programs I don’t use, so it runs SO fast now and so much better than before. It’s like a whole new laptop!

  2. Definitely feeling you on being a grandma come Friday night. I used to go out on Fridays and not come home until 2 or 3 AM, but now? In bed by 10 thank you very much πŸ˜† Oh, and I’m going to have to echo everyone else – so jealous over your weather… it’s snowing here.

  3. I’m always a grandma. No shame. Also, I love that you had a pool day today… it’s just as sunny and gaawgeous here in SoFla but naturally I sat on the couch, filing my taxes and painting my nails all day.. I’m a sloth AND a grandma

  4. I am so tired on Fridays that I often end up asleep on the couch before my normal weeknight β€œbedtime” too! I hear ya! I work super early on Saturdays, but it’s worth it because I still have a day to enjoy afterwards. Saturdays are definitely the day of the week I live it up a little more! Haha

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