Today is my dad’s birthday, and considering that he is one of my favorite people on this Earth, I thought it seemed suiting to do a favorites post.

One of my favorite pieces of home décor is the sign that Dan ordered me for Christmas this year. I had pinned something similar on my Pinterest page, and being the clever guy that Dan is, he decided to look there prior to doing his holiday shopping. I absolutely love seeing it when we walk into our place.


One of my favorite desserts to make and eat is puppy chow. I made a couple batches prior to heading out to New York for Thanksgiving. It was easy to carry on the plane and was the perfect between meals and after dinner snack. The only downfall is that I am usually unable to stop myself at 1 or 10 servings.


One of my favorite tops to wear while working out is the GapFit V-neck tee. It is super comfortable and has a great fit. If I am being honest, I also wear this shirt to bed. And to run errands. So, it’s multi-purposeful, nothing wrong with that.


One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is by lounging on the couch, watching a good movie, and having the dogs hang out with me. Of course, friendly tennis ball competition typically plays a part in the night as well.


On a fun side note, Brooke @ Running in Heels nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Her blog is one of my favorites. Thanks, Brooke! I love a good survey and look forward to passing the Sunshine on to others as well!

Reader Question: What are some of your favorite things?

30 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. Happy birthday to your dad! And that sign from Dan is too darned sweet – he sounds like a keeper for sure 😀 Can you believe that I’ve never actually had puppy chow? Everyone seems to rave about it, which makes me think that I should give it a shot but at the same time… self-control may be an issue so maybe I should just leave it be 😆

  2. Your fiance is genius! The sign is adorable! Puppy chow is secretly crack and I love gap vnecks too. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to wear workout clothes for every aspect of life haha!

  3. flannel sheets, really good ice cream, and curling up with a good book! …and maybe a dog or cat curled up next to me. 😉

  4. Happy Birthday to your Dad!! How smart of your husband to look on Pinterest! What a great man! I love puppy chow, yum! Some of my favorite things are family time, a cold pillowcase before I go to bed, a fire in the fireplace (which I have to go to my parent’s house to enjoy) and non chafing gym clothes.

  5. Dan sounds like a keeper! 😉 Love that sign!

    Some of my favorite things include enjoying a cup of warm tea at night before bed while chatting with Dave, yogurt covered pretzels from Fresh Market, Lancome mascara, LuluLemon yoga tops and Ob’s face when I walk into the door from work.

  6. Happy birthday to your dad! Love the sign, super adorable and smart of Dan to use Pinterest 🙂 And puppy chow! Yum! I have big plans to make some this week for me and Matt’s plane rides! ❤ snacks

  7. i have that pinned on my “one day” segment, its sooo cute! and puppy chow is the best i cant make it to often because i easily eat it in a sitting its so good lol. and happy birthday to your dad!

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