Braving the Costco Crowd

Call me crazy, but I love Costco. So much in fact that I would categorize it as one of my happy places. I prefer to head to the superstore during the week when crowds are less out of control, but like many of you I’m sure, I can’t always find the time. Dan and I decided to brave the packed lot and shopping cart extravaganza today.


Highlights of the trip included our $1.50 frozen yogurt. I must have really wanted it because I was willing to stand in line a second time after being told that I couldn’t pay with my debit card.


We picked up two boxes of our favorite snack, Mrs. May’s Slow Dry-Roasted fruit and nut packs. Has anyone else tried these? They are amazing plain or in yogurt.


The veggie burgers might have been my favorite snag. Being a vegetarian, I sometimes experience a little cheeseburger envy. I have a feeling that our homemade sliders are going to hit the spot. The brie cheese was a total impulse buy. After one sample, I of course had to purchase a container. 


Reader Questions: What are your favorite healthy snacks? What is your favorite weeknight meal?

32 thoughts on “Braving the Costco Crowd

  1. I thought I was the only one that considered CostCo a “happy place”!! I kid you not on Friday, I went to CostCo just to walk around and see what new things they had.. my monthly trip isn’t until next weekend. I’m obsessed. And yes, their froyo is totally worth waiting in-line for, twice. Hah

  2. I love Costco mainly because I love all the free samples they give out. My mom says I embarrass her when we go together because I basically hop from one sample station to the next. haha – and I would have gone back for the frozen yogurt. That was totally worth the second trip! 🙂

  3. Costco is my jam. I love that place. Samples are my best friend, I make it a point to hit up every sample station. And lets just say they need to get with the century and take a debit card, but I totally would have gone back even if I had to make the $1.50 out of dimes.

  4. How did I know know they had frozen yogurt? Man it has been way to long since I’ve been to one. Must add it to my “To do” list when I visit the states 🙂

  5. We don’t have any Costco’s near me, but I have a feeling I would be totally obsessed if we did. Like that episode of Modern Family when Mitchell discovers the joys of Costco. My favorite weekday dinners look pretty similar, a veggie or salmon burger, or chicken sausage with veggies on the side. Quick and delicious!

  6. I live in a tiny town with no Costco around. My sister would always tell me about it when she lived in S. Korea and all the teachers would go there and buy supplies for class. Ever since then it has sounded like my kind of place! And that frozen yogurt looks awesome! PS: It sounds like it must be hard living in Texas and being a vegetarian!

  7. Ah I love Costco! When I was in high school, I would go with my parents on Saturday for “lunch” aka sample mania. The best! I haven’t tried that fruit nut mix but it looks good. My parents used to get these peanut butter granolla bars that I used to love until I realized that they were almost equivalent to a candy bar. Eek! I like Stacy’s pita chips and nuts and raisins as snacks.

  8. love those burgers, always in my freezer in the summer! its just good for a quick meal when you dont feel like cooking.. i grill or fry one of them up with some veggies on the side or i throw it on the salad its very good! my fav snack is currently popcorn or a single protein muffin, cant get enough!

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