This Week’s Little Thing to Love

Y’all I am ready for Friday. Truth be told, this week has kind of kicked my butt. Like in that, I need more hours in my day, more exercise in my mornings, more sleep in my nights, more designated meal times so I can put an end to my fun size candy bar kick kind of way. I definitely could use one of these, or preferably both…


As always after a tiring day, a little gratitude goes a long way. Tonight, I am so looking forward to going home, putting on my power suit, aka sweatpants, and watching what is left of this week’s DVRd episode of the Bachelor. The comfort of home is this week’s little thing to love.


Reader Question: What is your little thing to love this week?

27 thoughts on “This Week’s Little Thing to Love

  1. I miss being home. So much. It’s not my thing to love this week since I’m not going to be home for many more months but I guess my track team would be this week’s thing to love!

  2. A great friend of mine is coming to visit this weekend and I’m loving that! Without our friendship I would be missing some awesome memories and my husband (met through him)! I also love this post. Your posts are so simple yet so nice to see.

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