Monday Motivation

When the alarm sounded at 6:00 this morning, my initial thoughts were anything but pleasant. In fact, if you were within 500 feet of me, or maybe even 5,000 feet of me, you might have heard my dramatic, “ughhhhhh.” Yet in that moment, I had a bit of an epiphany. I decided against the pessimism presenting itself and opted instead to be positive. To be grateful. That the first step towards anything, including out of bed, is often the hardest. And then, brace yourselves, I decided to get my butt out of bed and out the door.


Despite the rainy conditions, our running buddy didn’t complain. Although she did almost pull me down in the mud a couple times.


For breakfast was a peanut butter vanilla smoothie. After a weekend filled with cheese pizza and macaroni and cheese, a little Monday detox was definitely in order.


In fact, I think a healthier lifestyle might be in order-harder workouts, less sugar, more vegetables, and maybe even a little meditation mixed in.


Now it’s your turn! How do you stay healthy? What motivates you to work out and eat well? 3, 2, 1, Inspire!

13 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. I think that is such an important thing to think about – positive thinking even before you get out of bed. When my husband and I were married, the pastor told us during the ceremony that every morning before we get out of bed, we should make the decision to love each other that day and if we always did that, we would be good! Same idea as working out or even living life!

  2. Whenever I’m feeling lazy and not in the mood for a workout, I try to remind myself of how great I’ll feel once I’m done. It’s true what they say, you never regret a workout! Sometimes I’ll also tell myself I don’t have to workout that hard, but I at least have to do it. Then usually 5-10 minutes in, I’m energized and ready to work hard!

    • You are so right! Even on the days that I am feeling so tired and entirely avoiding my workout, I always feel better once it’s done. And I feel so great throughout the day knowing that I accomplished it. I hope you enjoy your workouts in your new and stylish shoes

  3. Love your positive attitude! I so feel you about the groaning when it comes time to get out of bed. I am so bad about this lately… Good for you for turning that possible bad attitude around real quick. Whenever I feel like this in the morning, my motivation is usually coffee, no joke. When I remember that I have a hot pot of coffee at my fingertips when I arise (because I prep it the night before), getting up is much easier. 🙂

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for Liebster award. Check it out here:

    • I seriously think it is harder to get up in the winter especially because it is still so dark outside. And the bed is so warm and comfy! But I will say, I feel better once I do. Prepping the coffee the night before is a great idea. I’m sure you are grateful for it in the morning.
      I just saw that you nominated me for the Liebster award. Thank you so much! It honestly made my day! I can’t wait to look into it this evening 🙂

  4. Aw what a cute running buddy! I do the same- eat unhealthy on the weekends sometimes but I always try to eat in on the week days and limit the junk food. I’d say the feeling after working out is my number one motivation. I also agree with what you said on my blog- eat healthy foods to avoid eating junk! That’s my number one problem! 🙂

    • I think that eating in makes a huge difference. You have so much more control over the ingredients you use and it can be nice to know exactly what you are eating. It seems like you are able to maintain a really healthy balance, which is awesome!

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