Surprise Party

On Friday, Dan and I had a Date Night planned with our friends, Emmy and Dave, and my sister, Ali. My mom offered to take us to and from the restaurant so that we could drink as many margaritas as we wanted. Deal! When we got to the restaurant, mom hopped out of the car, saying that she wanted to prepay our bill and Dan leaned over from the driver’s seat. “Have Fun!” He said, giving me a quick kiss. “Okay, see you inside,” I replied, becoming confused by the entire situation. We walked into the restaurant where I saw Emmy, but no Dave. Instead, my amazing girlfriends stood waiting at the bar. By the time I turned to look at my sister, she had a bride tank top and veil in hand.
I was escorted quickly to the bathroom to change. I tried concealing the veil, until I realized that would be utterly impossible. 
Ali had organized a whole evening of dinner and bowling.
Bowling alleys are definitely not what they used to be. When I think of bowling, I envision a dark and dusty smoke-filled room. This place was anything but that. It had flat screen TVs behind each lane, and we had our own bartender to ensure that our wine glasses were never empty.
Needless to say, we had an absolute blast.  I was so surprised by the entire evening and walked away feeling incredibly blessed.
Reader Question: What was the best part of your weekend?

14 thoughts on “Surprise Party

  1. Hearing you and your friends tell stories while enjoying margaritas. Or, maybe it was mom taping the minute to minute at the bowling alley:)

  2. aaaww! What a neat surprise! It looks like a fabulous weekend!

    The best part of my weekend was finishing my last long run before my half marathon…and margaritas with Dave. Those 2 go together, right? Long runs and alcohol? haha

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