Little Things to Love

First things first, Happy Friday! I am a little pressed for time as we just got back from our mostly run with Nola and I am in desperate need of a shower.

Nola Run3

Regardless, I wanted to quickly spread a little Friday excitement with this week’s installment of ‘little things to love.’

Warm Weather and Midday Workouts. After days of cool weather and rain, I was overeager to get outside to walk during my lunch hour yesterday. I am sure my office mates especially appreciated my natural outdoor scent when I returned.

ImageHot Crock Chocolate Pudding. We had this dessert last night, compliments of ‘Everyday with Rachael Ray,’ Amazing.


Nephews. With that face, how could they not make the list again?


Dress Shopping. A few of my bridesmaids were able to go shopping with me this week. We decided on the color, champagne, and just had a blast trying on different styles. They’re amazing.


Reader Question: What are you loving this week?

14 thoughts on “Little Things to Love

  1. Nola is so cute! Is she named after the crazy city, Nola? 😉 Also, that’s awesome you got to walk outside on your lunch break. I need to make that a priority! Have a great Friday! This week, I’m loving all my blog buddies like you!

    • Thanks, Alex! She is named after New Orleans. We had a great time on a trip there before we got her and decided if we got a female dog we would name her Nola 🙂 And she is CRAZY, so the name is very suiting!
      Have an awesome Friday! I am loving your blog as well!

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