The Eve of Christmas Eve

My Christmas shopping is finally complete. Meaning that I can now move onto the other items on my ‘To Do List’. Aside from making a run to the liquor store, so festive, to pick up tequila for tomorrow evening’s margarita and taco night, I will be trading in my sweatpants, ponytail, and au naturel face and nails for a more publicly acceptable and sophisticated style.

Over Thanksgiving weekend my future sister-in-law, De **, gave me the most amazing box set of Sephora nail polish. With 25 bottles of essentially every color and shade of the rainbow, I am set for a very long time. Tonight I am planning to wear a light base coat, with a sparkling top coat.

ImageIn addition to my new nail polish, Danny Stevie’s parents just sent me the most deluxe make-up kit I have ever seen. I typically rotate between two eye shadows, so you can imagine my excitement when I opened the top compartment to find 16 different colors. Not to mention 4 shades of blush, and an assortment of lip gloss.

ImageAside from freshening up my look, I have spent the majority of my time in the kitchen,  cooking, cleaning, completing Christmas gifts and finally, organizing our fridge. I love to display holiday cards, pictures, thank you notes, and invitations on our door, but we had run out of magnets, and if I am being honest, I looked like a bit of a hoarder. This morning I took the time to arrange for a more coherent look. It still isn’t perfect, but progress is progress.


And now it is time to box up the remainder of chocolate and white chocolate pretzels and of course, watch Sunday football. Merry almost Christmas to all!



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