This Week’s Little Things to Love

Jerzday. They have Fist Pumped, GTL’d, Meatballed, Yeah Buddy’d, and MVP’d their way into our lives. Yet last night, we bid adieu to our MTV favorites in the series finale of Jersey Shore. To commemorate the occasion, my friends and I toasted to the nights of entertainment that Jerz has provided. We carbo-loaded, mixed drinks, and kicked off the holiday break, Shore Store style.


Healing Dogs. We had a de-stress with puppies event on campus a few weeks ago and I could barely contain myself. I think this is the most amazing and precious concept. One look at these pictures and you will see why,

ImagePinterest Worthy Holiday Gifts. Our friend, Kim gave us a bottle of my favorite wine and these awesome straws. This gift will most likely be put to use tonight.

ImageZoo Lights. The Houston Zoo is all decked out for the holidays and Danny Stevie surprised me with tickets to go! It was a beautiful night to see the animals and the lights. My only complaint is that I did not slip into a more comfortable pair of shoes before heading out.

ImageChristmas Break. The countdown to Christmas has been on for quite some time and finally, it is here! My college roommate of five years and her fiancé, Ryan are coming to visit for almost an entire week and I cannot wait. Bonus points, one of Dan’s college friends will also be making the trip to Houston for New Year’s Eve. Let the festivities shenanigans begin.


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