Long Weekends, Wining, and Dining

In an effort to catch up on sleep, holiday shopping, cleaning, errands, and Christmas movies, Danny Stevie and I decided to take Friday off from work. Meaning that tonight, I did not have my normal, self-imposed 8:00 weeknight curfew. Instead, I made plans with my best gal pal, Ritos, Emily, and my amazing mom to have a girls night. Mama Ter offered to make dinner and “keep the wine flowing.” Emily and I happily obliged.

ImageMy mom had our meal on the table as soon as we walked in the house. Aside to Nola stealing the bread off my plate, dinner was perfect. Compliments to the chef!

ImageIn true girl night fashion, Emily and I made our way to Sally’s Beauty Supply for some hair dye. I’ve been rocking a bit of a brassy tone lately, and was eager for a change. I ended up choosing a lighter blonde, hoping that through the process, I might become Carrie Underwood’s doppleganger.

ImageRegardless of the end result, which is still awaiting judgement, it was a great night spent with incredible ladies.




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