Healthy Habits

T-2 weeks until Christmas! If your holiday celebrations are anything like mine, you have most likely already encountered cheesecake, cheese puffs, cheese balls, and maybe even cheese whiz. Not to mention bark, brittle, Bailey’s, bon bons, and brownies. With all these delectable and indulgent treats on hand, it is hard to avoid gaining weight. And let’s face it, no one wants to stroll into 2013 feeling frumpy.

My solution to the box of chocolate caramels sitting next to my desk, the candy bowl across the office, the donuts at the doorway, and my secret stash of 100 Grands? Moderation with the addition of some healthy habits.

As this morning’s alarm went off at 6:00 a.m., I have to admit that getting up and out the door was less than desirable. What’s the temperature? Aka, how cold is it? I asked Dan, groggily. 39. Ugh. We reluctantly got ready, knowing that our dog falls into the ‘high-activity’ category and needs the exercise. Of course, we felt better after doing our hour loop around the neighborhood as well.


For breakfast, I opted for a chocolate-peanut butter smoothie. With 24 grams of protein in the Meal Replacement Shake, it capably keeps me full until lunch.


Although I may have enjoyed an extra hour in my comfy and cozy bed, or preferred a donut to my smoothie, I felt better with my choices.

…And if I’m being completely honest, I might have had a piece of chocolate, or two, after lunch today. Moderation does not equal perfection, and that’s okay!


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