For the Love of Christmas Scented Candles and Crafts

With just over a week until Thanksgiving, we are officially into the holiday season. This means that last Saturday’s trip to Forever XXI must be the last for a while. In fact, as we stood in line to make our unnecessary and yet essential purchases, my friend and I actually made a pact to avoid this money pit until December 26.

ImageAs much as it saddens me to temporarily bid adieu to one of my favorite stores, I am confident that I will find solace in over-decorating our one bedroom apartment, and lighting Christmas scented candles until the cows come home. In fact, last weekend when Danny Stevie went to work, I strongly considered going all Will Ferrell in Elf on our place. Rest assured, I resisted the temptation.

ImageAs if Pinterest wasn’t already an addiction, I definitely spend an excessive amount of time on it now. The crafts and treats across the boards are out of control, and I am not complaining.

ImageI am so grateful for the holidays and for what they represent. I am grateful for the time spent with family and friends, the reminders of the reason for the season, the days spent baking, the nights spent cozy on the couch watching Christmas movies, the traditions-old and new, and the love that abounds.



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