It’s a Wonderful Season

Every day moments make the best memories.

I can say without a doubt, that mom and I literally shopped til we dropped tonight. We scoured every last aisle of the Nutcracker Market, and left with aching feet, empty wallets, belly aches from the plentiful food and beverage samples, and heavy shopping bags.

Despite the 70+ degree temperatures outside, there’s something about walking into an arena that looks like this, and instantaneously, being filled with the Christmas spirit.

Image…Well, the Christmas spirit mixed with a little OMG, I only have three hours and I need to hit up every booth in sight. But, we were determined little elves, and the mission was definitely accomplished.

ImageI was especially proud of myself, because despite the ridiculous number of ‘pampered pet’ booths, I walked away without purchasing any unnecessary pet accessories.

ImageOkay, so maybe I bought one. But it was totally, kind of, a little bit, necessary.


As much as I love shopping, I don’t know that it exceeds the joy I feel changing into my power suit sweatpants each night. Therefore, next on the ‘To Do List’? Make this statement a reality.



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