Tis the Fally Season

6:30 a.m. on a Saturday and wide awake. What else to do while simultaneously removing pens and pencils from my dog’s mischievious mouth but blog of course!


Thanksgiving<1 month away. Christmas-not quite 2 months away. This girl=ecstatic. Christmas lights line the streets in our neighborhood and I am not complaining.

Now that the countdown to Tofurkey Day is on, I realize I’ve got a lot of fall like activities to fit into a little amount of time.


Fall TDL includes:

Spray through at least a couple more bottles of autumnal Febreeze.

ImagePack, unpack, and repack for weekend getaways.

ImageBeat my boyfriend in NFL pick ems


Wear scarves. Daily.


Bake up a storm of apple and pumpkin desserts.

ImageShop at the Nutcracker Market a.k.a. the most amazing holiday market ever.



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