Cities to Love: New Orleans

I’m a big fan of ‘experience gifts,’ tickets to a game, or a show, or a trip to explore a city. Last fall, we were graciously gifted a weekend in New Orleans. Danny Stevie and I had never been to the Big Easy, so we were especially excited to have the opportunity to visit.


New Orleans exceeded our expectations. We spent our entire trip visiting local bars, restaurants, shops, and casinos. We had such an amazing time that when we saw a cute pooch walking with its owner, we decided that when we got a dog, we would name her Nola. Hence, the Nola Babe.

Highlights of our trip and our suggestions for what to do when visiting:

Café du Monde: A coffee shop known for its incredible beignets.


Although it’s always crowded, these beignets are well worth the wait!


Pat O’Briens: Because when you get thirsty walking around, the Pat O’s Hurricane is a necessity.


Harrah’s Casino: You have to at least try to make up your $ lost on beignets and hurricanes somehow.


And now I’m officially ready for Nola: Round 2.


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